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Well... the hot weather is on it's way.
I can't find my blue sunglasses.
Running on two hours of sleep at the moment.
Went to the vintage store.... bad idea, who am I trying to kid about not being broke? I have decided to go to prom simply because I found the dreamiest piece to wear (and the music will be exciting)..... it looks like a dress but it gathers around the ankles in nice little cuffs with buttons. Ok whatever everyone I tell about it rolls their eyes.
Well, hope you all have a nice day.
I think now is the time to get a wink or two of sleep.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find your shades, they're cute. You'll have to take a picture of your prom outfit for me, I probably won't see it in person that night.


Audrey said...

ah, you are too cute.
i think in the second one you were telling us to go ahead to the volleyball court. :)
i can't wait to hear from you.

won't it be nice to have a nice of your own & be able to paint your doors whatever color you wish?


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