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Prancing about in the nude when I'm talking to you

Margot and the Nuclear So & So are taking over my brain.

Isn't it rather ironic that I begin this blog as a fashion blog and here I am posting drawings of people with out there clothes.
Oh well, here is the one drawing that I am pleased with form life drawing on Tuesday.

I am scanning all these pictures of my family form the 80's and 90's, so look forward to seeing some of those.

This morning when I awoke I rememberd there was a costume sale so I rushed to the theater center, when i founds 12 dresses (not keeeping them all) and the most dreamy military jacket. When I get to taking some pictures of it you will see. It is gray with tons of huge gold bobbles and gold and black piping and a TAIL!!

Lately I have been amassing a nice collection of vintage formal collum dresses, and was wondering how wierd it would be if I wore them with flats and a grandpa cardi and maybe a scarf on a normal, non formal day. We will see.


Audrey said...

ah...your shading & 'lighting' are always excellent.
as for pulling off a formal at school, you are more than capable.
sweet dresses find.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawing dearie. When I remembered that there was a costume sale yesterday, it was already over. I'm sure you could work the formal dresses on non formal days.


Anonymous said...

hey girl hey.
love your blog.
and yes i agree. formal at school.
so, thinking you could spice up your blog by enlightening me with some music perhaps? :)
i can never find any good music


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