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Today was cold and rainy. This is what I wore last week when it was cold and rainy.
Despite the dark weather, the day was very nice though because I went to my friends Matt's house with some friends who I don't get to see enough and we watched cowboy bebop (which I didn't understand) and ate loads of junk food and cute dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and play on a cold slippery playground. So all in all a nice day. Now I have to get some rest tomorrow and then get to work on a few things due for school next week.


Lately the sky has been very gray. I hope that it will be blue tomorrow.


David Casavant

David, a very stylish friend of mine, has finally broken the ice of the online fashion world and begun his own blog, David Casavant. I haven't really gone into the whole blog interview thing until now, so I hope you enjoy reading about David!

What do you do on days when you dont know what to wear?
Um, well I am really bad at getting dressed when it's like before 10 o'clock in the morning because I'm tired so I usually try to decide what to wear the night before because I'm a night person. I usually just start with one thing I know I want to wear and work around it. I also check the weather! That's the biggest factor in what I wear! I hate rain!

What inspires you
Um, like everything! The other day we were forced to watch this boring play at school and all I could think about the entire play was how the fabric used for the backdrop looked like it was from the Prada spring 2009 collection. It was like gold and crinkly looking. And then one of the costumes was like a hooded cape thing and then I kept thinking about how I wanted a hooded cape thing like that. So basically everything inspires me- celebrities, magazines, old people because their clothes are always out of date so it's interesting to see what used to be worn, runway, I really like the 20's and 60's mod, oh and like military uniforms in like WW2 and before!

What is your view on trends? trends you like or don't like?
I like trends for the most part. It's fun to incorporate a new trends into you're style and wardrobe. Without new trends, we'd be dressing the same we did like five years ago, which would be boring. I'm kinda sick of the whole gladiator shoe thing. I mean, I'm not totally against it but I just recently looked at all the women's shoes on the Saks website and I felt like more than half of them were gladiator inspired! I think that Doc Martins are starting to become trendier which I think is fun- they're like making them in all sorts of fun colors!

What do you think about individuality?
I think the only way one can stand out and be interesting is to be an individual and to do what you enjoy. Although I hate when people like decide to not listen to music that was cool five minutes because they want to be "an individual." It's annoying when people don't like things because it's "too mainstream!" It is possible to enjoy popular things and still be individual.

How about ice cream?
I'm sick of ice cream! I go through phases with foods I like and don't like, and I currently don't like ice cream. I used to eat it like everyday after school.

Tell us your dreams for the future
Well I'm probably going to move to NY or like London next year for college, but I know I want to do something in fashion. I don't really specify what I want to do in fashion because I think I'd be good at all of it- it would be fun to be like a designer or stylist, I'd really like to have my own business or something like that.

Spending Money and Such

Some of you asked about how I shop, what I look for, and such, so I shall tell you. I started thrifting when I was really young with my mom. I always had a specific item in mind, but of course you never find what you are looking for. I began to keep a list of thing that I would like to thrift, and it is always growing. The thrift store I normaly go to is huge - the size of a super walmart - so i usually check out the dresses and then button downs (boys and mens) and then I skim women shirts and skirts and pants and such, and of course shoes and scarfs. I shop by pattern and fabric, and if I have time I will go through each item so I can see the cut and all. Right now I am keeping my eye out for some brown vintage combat style boots, nice and worn in, big warm scarves, colorful plaid boys button downs, and one of those crazy patterned windbreakers form the 80's. I have learned that it is very important how you view the clothes you find. A XXL vintage tee can be an ugly piece of junk or, in the right light, a great dress to go along with that holy grandpa sweater.
In Chattanooga the stores are generic and overprices, so when I am out of town I go to the local UO or AA. At UO I usually just buy a few sale things, I am rather cheap, and I don't buy from AA unless I have really though about it. So, that about sums up my shopping habits. I don't "go shopping", just randomly decide to stop by the thrift or vintage store. Of late I am trying to save though, so we shall see how that goes.
There is a really great book on thifting called "Thift score" by Al Hoff that I would recommend. Also, never buy anything because of the cheap price on it or the label, but because it is something that you will be able to use and enjoy often.
I will take some pictures of my chair when the sun comes out, and the same with my closet.
Oh another thing. Of late I have been having an especially hard time figuring out what to wear, which is really stupid if you think about it because there is so much more to life then getting dresses, and I have loads of clothes that I love (hence not thifting so much anymore). I have concluded that when I travel and live out of a suitcase I have a slightly easier time, so now at the beginning of every week I will put pieces that I like especially that week in a vintage trunk and will limit myself to that. Very sad, I know. Illustrating my need of a life again. Oh well.

I also changed my header, but it is HUGE!! No clue how that happened. I wish I could get every picture that big. Any suggestions?



So, I was just contemplating how wonderful it is that I have been on facebook a total of a few minutes the past week.... and then I realized that that is in no way an indication of me getting a life because of late lookbook and this blog have been taking up a lot of time. Not sure where this is going. Obviously I am not going to fix this problem because here I am updating for a second time in one day while my study of the belvedere torso gets moldy. Not really but it is coming along slowly.
Soon I hope to start learning Italian on my own. I am excited. But that will mean I will have to cut back on music, which is not so cool.
Ok, now I am getting off the computer till tomorrow and am going to go read a book or knit or something.
Sorry for the random sporadicness of this post.
Oh and I was wondering if there is anyway I could get some more feedback form readers, just so that I know what you want to see more of.

A picture from Orlando of Jenny.


I have so many new pictures, but I have to scan them all. I was putting them in a vintage photo album but the pictures were to big to fit more than one on a page so now I am putting one on each page of a vintage history book. Very exciting.
I really need to read more. This is a fraction of my families library.
Have to run now.


A picture from Orlando.
Today has been spent at a film festival. Very fun.


Ferdinand Hodler

A Little watercolor pice I did a few weeks ago inspired by Ferdinand Hodler. If you haven't herd of him before, then look him up, he is amazing.


A B&W picture that my dad took over the holidays. The skirt is blue and the tights are two tones green and purple. I have a ton of new pictures but I have to put them all in a book and then scan them. Today was very nice. Audrey and I sculpted and walked the bridge and ate a vegetarian hot dog and great fries. The end.


Going home tomorrow. But Audrey is coming back with me, so we will have a wonderful time this week. I always miss Chattanooga. The Ark is amazing.



A sketch of Dali's painting from the Dali museum in FL entitled 'Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters becomes a Portrait of Abraham Lincoln'. Genius.



Audrey has been taking many beautiful digital pictures, which we had fun playing around with. Yesterday we went exploring, thrifting, and then found a grassy field by a river and had a picnic. Today we are going hiking. More to come.


more double exposure

Today was my first day in Virginia. The weather was beautiful and Audrey and I took a lot of pictures. I will hopefully upload a few of them in the next few days.



Last week I made a very exciting necklace by crocheting wire and then covering it with vintage earrings and pins.
Yesterday I received 100 silver pyramid studs in the mail. DIY huraa! All day I proceed to cover a pair of shoes, an old T, the neck of a vintage dress, a belts... you get the idea.... with studs.
My comp class is crazy...... have any of you ever been stuck in a classroom with a bunch of crazy kids who can't get there mind out of the gutter?
Something very nice though is that tomorrow I am glong to go visit a dear friend of mine in VA. We are going to paint and listen
beautiful music and take pictures... lost of them. While I am away I will post some sketches from my book the my last roll of film.



This chain form Yokoo is inspiring me at the moment. I have almost 4 links to my own version made.


My dad is a wonderful photographer. Sadly these are B&W so you cant see the colors of the outfit, which are wonderfully psycho. Oh well. maybe I will color one of them in with a marker so you can see the nice rainbow.
Today I picked up some some film. Some of the pictures are nice. I will scan them tomorrow.


When it comes to movies, there are only a few that I really enjoy and remember for their visual beauty and story. The past month I have been blessed to see two wonderful movies in theaters. Slumdog Millionaire and Australia. Both were visually stunning and very well made works of art. 

Tomorrow I am going to pick up a roll of film that has been developed. And I also have some exciting projects going on that I am going to get some digital snaps of, hopefully.


Youth Subculture - Punk

Punk was born in 1976. Unlike many other subcultures that evolved into what we know them as today (goth, grunge, prep etc), punk cam into being suddenly and the looks have not changed much, even though the motivation of punks has changed. Vivienne Westwood and impresario Malcolm McLaren had both dabbled in marketing subculture styles such as teddy boys, but had not assembled look of there own until this time. It was inspired by the wild dressers in the west side of London, and included the most wild items of dress from every previous subculture (black leather + vintage form the teddy boys, skinny pants + blazers from the 60's mod, boots + suspenders form skinheads, shinny plastic + crazy makeup/hair form 70's glam rock, trash) + some. The look was pauperized by the sex pistols, a band that had been assembled by McLaren for the very purpose of marketing. On one hand the look was very disheveled and poor looking, but the juxtaposition of ripped tights and a studded leather jacket was ironic avoided looking poor. Westwood described her design as "confrontation dressing'. The style was on one hand anti fashion and those whol wore it were called rebels, but Westwood desinged the look to be a fashion that was anti-fashion.
Instead of buying into Westwood's expensive designs, many kids got the basics for there punk look from the thrift store.
The look spread form london (where it was carried to an extreme) to america, where it took on a sloper form. It is generally associated with a musical subculture.
It is quite alive today as it ever was.
It is the uniform that those in search for individualism often dawn. Multiple bands sport it. Stores are dedicated to it. Even haute couture designers take great inspiration form it. It is no longer just for rebellious teens, but high fashion. Long live punk.

From style scout

The top images are from google, the bottom images are from foto decadent.
The history was taken form "Thrift Score" by al Hoff.
I really wish I was a bit more punk sometimes. I am going to order a bunch of studs to frost myself with soon.
What are your views?


This is Clare, a dear friends of mine, devouring huger pretzels. They were very delicious.

This is the ally behind the studio. The weather has been very beautiful of late.

Today I went to school to work on a project for electronic music class.... I have begun to accept that I am going to fail. My creative abilities are limited to clay and ink. I feel like quite a failure. Oh well.
After that I went to publix. I could spend all my money there.
That is the end of my adventures today.


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