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I apologize for the lack of meaty posts of late. I have been lazy when it comes to taking outfit pictures (but there will be some on my dad's next roll of film).
Here is my dad in the late 80's, he is very awesome.
Do you ever develop irrational fear that by going to concerts and standing by the speakers you will loose hearing? Because I just spent 4 hours at a metal concert and I have that fear.


Anonymous said...

That's not an irrational fear, it actually happens to people. Going deaf in your teens would stink.


Audrey said...

your dad is amazing, abigail.
perhaps we could be deaf together...would that be better than being deaf alone..?

Krista said...

Yeah, it's not an irrational fear. If you keep doing that to yourself your hearing will get worse and worse and when you are old you'll be hard of hearing.


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