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Dead camera

Hello my dear people! my sad camera lost one of it's pars and so I cant take pictures with it anymore! I still have my wonderful film camera, but it isn't really perfect for taking outfit shots. Anyways, I have decide that it is about time to get a new digital, one that really takes amazing pictures, it is just that at the mont I am a bit short of money, so it may be a while. During that time I am going to be posting images form film, older digital photos, and also about fashion history and art. If you have anything you would specifically like to hear about or a suggestions on what camera I should look at then let me know!


Blue sky and cool weather.....but not cold enough

Today was wonderful. I biked around the area where i work, sculpted, and went to a remnants shop and got the two most divine piece of fabric. I am going to make a skirt out of the brocade pice.
the above is from last weekend when I went to a local art festival type event with a friend, my mom and her friend. It was very enjoyable.
skirt, bag, and top -thrifted
shoes- my mom
belt- my grandmother
lace collar- and necklace- my Oma



My comp teacher told me I looked like a tulip in this. That made me smile. I like tulips.

tunic and leggings- costume sale (I find it amusing that a great deal of my clothes were at one time either a costume or a nightgown)
sandals- target
pendent- my old dress up box.

I am working on the Part number two of the survey of youth subcultures: Hippies!


A brief history of youth subculture over the past half decade part one

Lately I have been taking a lot of inspiration from the various youth subcultures from the past 60 years or so. These would induce the beatniks, hippies, punks, goths, the whole vintage wave (which has, believe it or not, been going on for the past half decade) and anti-fashion. So I have decided to share what I have found out about these groups, which, despite the fact that I feel lacks much, still contains a good bit of material. The next paragraph of information on Beats and Beatniks is from the book "Thrift Score" by Al Hoff. It is an enjoyable book that I recommend.
The Beats and Beatniks
It was during the 50's when the media first became obsessed with youth subculture. The masses of youth at the time all decided that to be cool one had to be unique, and so they all decided to look like the Beats, a group of slovenly starving artists. of course, they all ended up looking the same, which resulted in the teen subculture of Beatniks (a subculture that the media embraced). This style can be summed up by shaggy nonchalant-ness. The boys would wear black sunglasses and turtlenecks, overcoats, striped boater t's, jeans, berets, shorts, sandals, etc. Th girls would wear black tights amd dresses topped with large bronze jewelry or black leotards, thrifted dresses, and ballet slippers. This is a look that is still imitated today.... it is called grunge.

Two of the artists who were the originators of the whole beat look. From right to left- Kerouac, Ginsberg, and another man who was also had the look (Scot someone)

The black dress with bronze accessories look

The styles of youth reflect, I believe, some of there main beliefs, whether they want it to or not. During the past century individualism has become more important than beauty and the traditions of hundreds of years have been upturned (over all this has had many positiva, as well as negative, results). Most of the subcultures of fashion over the past half decade have embraced trends such as wearing old, dirty things that are obviously not fashionable, beautiful, or tasteful (all in the name of individualism). This underlying desire to be individual above all else has redefined our culture in so many more ways than what is socially acceptable to wear. Pleas don't think that I am saying that this is a completely good or bad thing. As an artist I am very classical, and my belief in God and morals is often labeled as old fashioned. However, I do not see any contradiction with that and pushing the boundaries in what I wear (in comparison with the people of my city) and living a bohemian lifestyle. In fact, as an individual created in God's image, there is every reason to be who you in God, as he created you. So, I am not sure what the underlying point I am trying to make in this rant is.....Sorry... I guess it is just seeking who you are as an individual make sure you dot fall into one of the specific groups of people all trying to be different in the same way (I know that is impossible, but just don't go wearing things and believing things just because so and so did).



I might have already said this, but school not as bad as i thought! I still have tome to live my life - read books and magazines, picnic in the park, and work on my beloved art. At the moment I actually have been doing so much of the above as to leave myself little time for assembling intricate and intelligent posts (not to mention attempting to get decent outfit shots) so please be patient.

This was Saturday evening when I went to the park with friends-
dress-costume sale
skirt- the limited
shoes- UO

tunic- costume sale
earphones- Amazon
Magazine - Nylon



I received the most amazing pair of earphones in the mail a few days ago. They make the experience of listening to music far more wonderful than I was aware it could be (music from an iPod, not live), plus they are a very happy color.

shirt- thrifted vintage Kmart
shorts- UO
earphones- amazon
bag- theater sale
sunglasses- UO
scarf- thrifted

Last night I ended not being able to sleep for a while, so instead i though up a project to do today...... bleach splashed jeans! They turned out quite nicely and will have there debut tomorrow. I also read some in the very exciting book 'Thrift score' and was very inspired to-
a) Do more research on the teen subcultures of the past half decade (beatnik, punk, ska, hippy, etc)
b) work more of these elements into my style
More on that tomorrow when I have some time to post in detail.


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