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April 30

Street style is something that I greatly enjoy looking at. It is those people one the street, the multitudes of 'individuals' who inspire me. Weather it is actually impossible to be individual or not, I do not know. I have been thinking about it for a while and have concluded that it all depends on how you define "individual" and what setting you are in. If by "individual" you mean that your complete look is different from everyone else in the whole entire world, we are all striving for something that is as unattainable as sinlessness without a savior. However, if by "individual" you mean your wardrobe is made up of different pieces, weather one of a kind handmade clothes or an odd mix of old and new or something like that, and that the way you assemble them resembles your personality and pleases you aesthetically, then yes it is possible to be an individual. However, if you are in a setting like NY or Paris where everyone spends allot of time developing there wardrobe and assembling there outfits, you will never stick out, which is what I get the feeling mots people really mean by "individuality". But if you live is a small town (like I do) not only will you stick out as different, but you will get a lot of odd looks, even though you are dressing the same way as people in larger cities do. In the end, we must remember that the way we look is not all that defines our individuality, but so much more ... like the way we talk, carry ourselves, relate to people, and our beliefs. Ultimately, this is what we should want to be judges by, not just the way we look. We also need to remember that, even if the goal of "individuality" seems hopeless, God has made us all different, yet in his image.
Ok, so, all that to say that the style of this particular girl stunned me in the first picture I saw of her. Then , a second picture came up on Facehunter, causing great joy.

From February

From the past week
I love the layers of sweaters, but sadly (and also happily) it has been becoming quite warm over here. here are some pictures form over the past week.

shirt- thrifted. At the end of the day my mom looked at my shirt and said "where in the world did you get that doesn't look like you at all." it made me laugh.
shorts - UO
shoes- UO
scarf- my grandmother
bag vintage
sweater- AE

T shirt- AA
sweater- old navy
scarf- vintage
jewelry- given to me by various people
jeans- Gap


The ugliest dress ever

Ok, so when i was thrifting saturday, I of course got bored before my mom was ready to go (the main drawback of having my mom with me sometimes) so I decided to look over the way scary old lady shirts, and i saw the embellished sleeve of this T and just had to pull it out and try and imagine what person would have ever worn such a horrid thing. It was an ugly brown color with a bad acid was and big silver grommets and gold studs and huge rhinestones .....and then a thought popped into my head... that would be nice over leggings and with gladiator sandals i got it for a total of $1.94. I had to wash it because it smelled of smoke, but it was fun wearing it today.
Tunic- thrifted
leggings and shoes- target
bag- vintage
bracelets- mostly given to me by friends

And i am going to apologize ahead of time because the next 6 weeks are really stressful for me (school and other stuff going on) so the posts will be sparse and lame.



Today I am sick (yay excuse to forget that school exists), so after reading a good girly book and taking a nap I decided to get all caught up on the online fashion scene, seeing as this weekend I haven't had time to sit at the computer. Well.. Fashion 156 magazine's latest issue was on prints!! Yay my favorite! The array of pictures wasn't totally satisfying , they didn't really mix patterns that much and I didn't find them very inspiring, however they are still really nice.
Anyway, I found it amusing because the past weekend I have been really pattern happy.

Sunday evening outfit
top- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- keds
necklace and earrings- given to be by a friend
purse- vintage

Sunday morning ensemble-
skirt thrifted
top and scarf- the result of a thrifting expedition with my mom saturday
pumps- thrifted
belt- my grandmother
bag- vintage
earrings- given to me by a friend at church

I forgot to take pictures of my ensemble saturday. I was gone almost all day and by the time i go home i was dead tired. There was a huge art festival so I wore a crazy bright outfit and some of the exhibiting artist told me i looked like work of art my made me soo happy! Of course, the time I got to spend with friends, and talking with the artists and the after party was also very wonderful. It was very uplifting and now I cant wait till summer when I will sculpt and draw all day long!

Friday's outfit

The same skirt worn a more casual way with a thrifted T, keds, my moms belt, and a thrifted bag.
Isn't my kitty beautiful!



They arrived yesterday evening!!! (Or more like i released yesterday evening that they have arrived yesterday morning).
so, celebration!!

Dress- thrifted, i think i will wear it over shorts this summer
belt- my moms
shoes- keds

Here is the skirt made form the dress I posted about yesterday. Sorry this pictture is so dark
belt- my grandmother
shirt- marshals or TJ max?

OK, so i have no clue about this top. I found it at the thrift store and I sorta like it but I also sorta feel like a farmer girl in it. so, I haven't worn it yet and the tag is still on so i can return it if i want......

Sewing and school...

School was long today, however i am glad to say that i am blessed to be with such wonderful people.
Here is what I wore today. I took the picture right before I left so my hair was still wet.
Skirt- vintage
blouse- Anthropologie
Shoes and belt- my moms

I forgot to bring my sketch book to school today (GASP!) so instead I doodled all over the lecture outline. I never doodle in my sketch book, somehow I feel as if i have to keep a very high standard in it, so it was nice to just let the pen go where it wanted to and not have to worry about form and light source. It is Titled "Fallen Star Caught in a Falling Coif".
You can also seee my newly acquired camera (It was my moms). I get the first roll I have taken with it back this weekend, so we shall see how amazing it is then. (No matter how bad they are, they cant beat the bad quality of my digital.)

Here is the fabric of the large ugly dress I altered....a further explanation of that later....

For now I must continue writing a descriptive essay for school now. It is a long rambling speculation on why male artists most often have beards....
we shall see how it turns out!


April 15

As you can see, my creativity concerning titles of posts has decreased greatly.

Today was school and then I went to the studio some to sculpt. on the way home I stopped by a idi cofe shop to see about a job for summer but they weren't open (?) so I shall see about that later this week.
YEsterday i went thrifting. last monday I found 1 bag, but this monday I found this skirt, a black batwing T from tom shop (!! I have no clue how it ended up is a small town thrift store), a fat old ldy dress that is made of the most gorgeous fabric (I will post before and after photoes after i alter it to be a top and skirt), some black shorts that look like a skater skirt, and a tunic that looks resembles overalls that i am not sure about. I will post a picture of it when i get a chance.


April 12

A you can tell, I am becoming sick of the normal photos and poses.
The top I got Tuesday at a vintage store during a day trip with my family.
shorts- UO
shoes and scarf- my mom
bracelet- a boutique sale
I actually wore this outfit yesterday. The plan was to go watch a baseball game, however it was rained out so i ended up going window shopping with a friend.
Today was the ACT... No collage is going to accept me if i scored as badly as I think I did.... however i must hope that my continual underestimation of myself keeps up.


April 10

All i did today was languish away at school. It is killing me, however, i escaped Tuesday and went on a day trip with my family. Got to go to a amazing vintage store where I got an insanely bight floral top for $8 and then proceeded to American apparel where i found the the last reaming size small T that I hoped to find an it was in the color that the were out of online, so i was quite joyful. it was rather expensive so i don't think I will buy any clothes for a month or so.
The bright top I wore yesterday but the picture I took of it was on my film camera so you will have to wait. However, today I succeeded in getting 2 decent pictures.
YEsterday i decided to start wearing orange lipstick, the bran i got doesn't last as long as covergirl, what i have been wearing, but it fades evenly as opposed to splotchy, so that is good.

Being bored in the walmart parking lot waiting for my brother to get some popsicles.
Shirt- AA
shorts and shoes- UO
belt worn as necklace- grandma
tights- my mom
sweater- thrifted
Bag- a wonderful find at the thrift store on Monday


April 7th

skirt- UO
shoes, top and scarf- thrifted
bag- vintage
I went thriting after math class today and found another great vintage bag. it has an extraordinarily long strap, is a bit bigger than this one, and is pouffy leather!! I will post picture of it later.


Went to the vintage store yesterday and found the most wonderful purse. I was actually there to fins a slip (which I did but it needs repair) and I found this and the cutest B&W polk-a-dot dress. I think I shall wear it to a approaching rehearsal dinner along with a vintage green bolero I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago..

I got sick of looking for prom dress so I decided to sew together some vintage rags and be truly different form everyone else (a feat that that I once believed to be possible but now doubt can be achieved.... more thoughts on that later though). It is a rather time consuming project and I have set the sewing machine up on my bed because I enjoy to work in my room. As a result there is quite a mess but i hope to finish it by saturday.
IN this picture you can see the silk and black lace back and the rest of the dress in green velvet.

what I wore a couple days ago. I forgo to take a picture yesterday or today (wore the same outfit, I am so lazy!!) but i will try and remember saturday, seeing as tomorrow I plan on spending the day in my pjs.
dress- H&M
sweater- grandma knit for my dad
scarf- my moms




-earings- given to be my a nice lady at my church
sweater- old navy
scarf- my dad
And guess what!! I wore jeans today but I didn't like it. However, I think it is more of the jeans problem that it is mine. They are BDG from Urban Outfitters but the area where the zipper is does not fit in the most unattractive way so i wore a long white mens tee shirt but I changed because I spilled soup on it at school and then got more dirty at work.

OK, now to the main subject of this post...

Summer is on it's way. In a sense this is quite a joyful thought to me and many others because, despite the fact that sweaters and leggings and fat socks are nice, they can only be endured for so long and then one has enough of them. So even though I look forward to getting out of many layers of winter clothing, I somewhat dread the yearly task of figuring out how to get though a whole summer with out burning up on one hand and running around skimpily clad on the other. To complicate matters more, this summer I really don't want to spend that much money, so I am only going to get a few things.
Red keds will be comfortable and will work with basically anything, sun dresses, shorts, jeans (like i ever wear jeans)...

They are like $30 so I think I am going to look for them on ebay.
Plane jumpsuits-
I already have 2 with flowers and 1 with polka dots on the shorts part (all 3 were thrifted and 1 is in my sewing pile), but a plane one would be really nice. Maybe something like this one from Urban outftters.

I am also in search of Indi tee shirts. i.e. not the kind they sell and target and everyone wears. Some with interesting yet not overly used logos, some planer ones, and also some with faces. I love shirts with faces on them.

I love this style By AA, but they soled out of the color combo I liked (nude on top, gray on bottom) and they are rather expensive for plane Tee shirts. However I do like illusion necklines (you cant see in this picture because the colors are wrong) So I might just try my hand at making one of my own.

This is a print from treadless, but of course they sold out of my size before I decided weather I wanted it or not (that has happened to me so many times due to my confounded indecisiveness).

Without such the tight budget, i would also be on the search of some skinny jeans by cheap monday (maybe high waisted also) and amazing shoues. yes, my obsession grows.


Urban Outfitters

this has nothing to do with the above

I love the combo here. piles of generic looking shirts can actually look somewhat unique.


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