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Riding the bus is very nice. You can watch the city go by and see a lot of interesting people.
Today I had a midterm, but now there is only one more class left before spring brake.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering which feet belong to you in this picture. See you tomrrow.


Audrey said...

is that the one that nearly ran over us?
miss you. yay for spring break!

Tyler said...

bus rides are pretty cool... except on the Greyhound.

i love your scans and double exposures. that picture of your leggings, for some reason i thought the tearings were apart of it, "*sqiunt* oh that's a cool design" and then i clicked to see it bigger. ha.

have you ever had Gumbo before? it's probably the best southern food ever.

btw, it's finally warming up here in frozen ohio. yes...


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