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Johanna Burke is creating an amazing work of art for a store front out of paper....
so breathtaking. I think I am going to try something similar to this but much smaller and in white, of stars, to cover part of my window.
Today I took a pile of old leggings I never wear, wrapped them in rubber bands, and poured bleach on them. They turned out nicely. It might just be me, but leggings seem very much an outdated trend, unless they are patterned. Hurra so now I have bleach-y leggings. And I got B&W tights form AA!
Nashville was very nice and tiring.
Ok now I need to go because there is a lot that I have to do today.


Audrey said...

ah, i want to see how your window turns out (& your bleach-y leggings)!
and i'm still at a loss for what to do with that big paper thing hanging over my desk...any suggestions? perhaps a window-something.
band marino is excellent. (so is their poster art) they are my new driving music. :)

David Casavant said...

OMG that is amazing!!!!! You'll have to tell me what store this paper thing is bc I have to see it for myself! you've now inspired me to go pour bleach all over my clothes!!!!! Well actually I should probably think that through first

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so cool. Did I see those bleachy leggings today?


Tyler said...

those leaves are so amazing... i want to see yours when you finish your own project.

im pretty progressive, i dont think leggings are out. a lot of people dont wear them anymore, so theyre just indie right now.

aa has the best clothes, sometimes. i bought 3 henleys there once a long time ago, perfect shirts.

whats lookbook?

David Casavant said...

there was just a post on stylebubble with these dresses made out of brown paper!


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