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This is Melody. She is wonderfully wild sometimes. Here we were listening to old records.


Here is my dear cousin Jenny again. I have put all my Holga pictures and a few other film pictures in an album so that I can remember everything when I am old. In the album I am also keeping track of what i am reading, listening to, wand watching at the moment. We shall see how long that lasts.


Got a lookbook. Pretty exciting. Don't have much up yet but check it out sometimes.
Yesterday I started Electronic music class. I am psyched about it, but also a bit worried, seeing as I cant even play the keyboard. We shall see, they  may make of me a musician-type person yet. 


Poladroid is fun. I wish I Had a real polaroid camera.... but then again, seeing how expensive the film is, maybe not.

This sight makes me die laughing every time I go on it. The worst part is I think it is for real.


Orlando..... a park before sunset with my dear cousin and a friend

Uggg... came down with the worst bug saturday. I feel so unproductive.... really need to finish the crazy cardboard chair that is taking up half my room. I am quite happy with it, but it needs it's skeleton and all the unattractive seams covered. 
I cant find the CDs with my portfolio on it.
Here are some pictures I took with my holga in orlando. It is such a wonderful little pice of junk I am just in love with it. 
Coconut Records is wonderful.
I also happened to run into a local street fashion blogger... of course I would be wearing my version of sweat pants. 

Oh and also, celebration because this is my 111 post!


Here are some older pictures. I have loads of new ones but I have to scan them and the scanner is acting up, so as soon as I get that fixed I can update more recent things (pictures taken with my holga, and pictures of last week in orlando). I have put all the pictures in a very pretty book, so that when I am old I will be able to look back to when the world was very colorful and life was full of adventures. 
Today I got a hair cut, it is very nice to have short hair.


Orlando is very nice. the weather is cool and the sky is blue. Here is a picture of my room that I took a few weeks ago. I miss it slightly, but not very much.
Today I got a roll of holga film developed. It turned out quite nice. I am very excited.
I am taking a lot of pictures, hope I don't run out of film...



I like balloons, but they do not like me very much, because they all flew away!
Tomorrow is quite exciting, I am leaving to go to florida, a nice warm place, and spend time with one of my dear cousins. We will have wonderful adventures. 
the shirt and belt are thrifted, the tights + socks are my mom, the skirt belongs to a dear friends, and the shoes are UO.
I received for my birthday some wonderful combat boots. They make me feel badass. Maybe one day I will take a picture of them for you.


Today I was yearning for Sweet salsa and chips. I went to the whole foods store and spent too much money. The salsa has peaches and mangoes, but is spicy ... I wished I liked spicy things.

Yesterday was very nice. the sun came out and the sky was blue, and I went downtown and celebrated my birthday with some friends. We ate Pizza. And drank steamers. Withy yummy hazelnut.

My my mind seems to be on food a lot.

Tonight I am going to watch Jane Eyre again. The library cant find the other versions. I need to go to blockbuster. Next up - Mr. Lonely

The version of Sugar, We're Goin' Down by Goat actually makes for a very good song. 
On repeat also is Imogen Heap, the knives.

Found this picture on lookbook. I am not sure what it is about it -  maybe the sky and the way their hands are interlocked  and there dancing, but it is the most stunning image. 

I am going to start a new sculpture tomorrow. I am very board of the one I have been working on for a long time. 



I finally have some results form my holga. not much, at all, but I am excited about all the adventures we will have together. 


Well, 2008 is over now. It was a very nice year.


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