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American dream

In VA with Audrey we saw the most wonderful automobile. It is my dream car. It had a very nice professional paint job of an American flag, star curtains, a spattering of band stickers on the back, and a rainbow of beanie babies on the front dashboard. The most wonderful hippies live out in the middle of nowhere.
I really need to begin to take artistic license with my car.


Anonymous said...

dude, that camera is so cool!
i need to get myself one

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I always love the pictures you take.


Tyler said...

battery powered buses? thats so futuristic. someday, i hope we travel in tubes.

i'm all about looking like a hobo... i don't think i've bought any clothes for, man, i can't remember. last time i bought coat must have been 3 years ago, and it was already used when i got it.

the weather right now is amazing. it's warm, and raining most of the time. i even heard thunder tonight.

Tyler said...

ps: thats a cool bus, but, i once saw the Mystery Machine on an island in Lake Erie. it was as real as it gets.

Audrey said...

ooh, darlin', i can't wait to see the buffalo mountain pics.

David Casavant said...

Ur car can be your next art project! You should like paint it like the British flag :)


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