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Christmas and the Past weeks

I hope everyone had a merry christmas!! down here it was very nice. Here are some photos that I have been meaning to put up but haven really gotten to. They aren't really related to christmas that much, there are lots holiday pictures out there, so I am just going to post some things that i am behind on posting.
Here goes my shot on documenting my fashion.

Here is the pair of shoes I received for christmas next to a random pile of scarves. They are from Urban Outfitters!

T- shirt and skirt- thrifted
sweater- Old Navy
belt- grandmother
scarf- mom
bangle- antique mall
leggings- target
shoes- payless

top and sweater- thrifted
turquoise jeans- Old Navy

Top- thrifted
sweater- Old navy
belt- grandma
skirt- Lux from UO
bracelet- antique mall

jump suit and belt- flea market
shoes -a friends
sweater- thrifted
leggings- Target

Girl on left- see above
Girl on right-
dress- thrifted
hat- vintage store
tights- wal-mart
shoes- UO

And here a small figurine that i finally finished! it is wax but i hope to cast it in bronze and sell it!

here is my drawing space at the Studio

See yall next year!!


DIY chandelier

It has been a while, I must apologies for being such a bad bloger. I was just thinking that i should do something Christmasy but I already had some ideas I wanted to post a week (or was it a month??) ago and so you will have to endure those first. The nest two days are my gift making days so when those are over I will post some pictures of the result. So here are some old ideas. I have always loved chandeliers and a year ago I had the revelation that I could make my own. It is now one of the 100 thinks on my list of things to make, but maybe on day when school gets out for longer than a breathing moment I will actually get to it. Until then here are some inspirations and pictures that will have to suffice.
banana chandelier -Recycled Chiquita Chandelier by Anneke Jakobs
bottle chandeliers- Michelle Brand
rolled paper magazine chandelier- Wary Meyers


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