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Sketches and Such

A study of a sculpture i did at work today. It turned out better than I initially thought.

lately I have been looking at art books during school and doing some studies of the pictures that intrigue me. There are so many artist that I have always overlooked and am now coming to appreciate, such as Edward Hooper, Balthus, and Rembrandt, artist i have always despised that actually created amazing work (such as Picasso's earlier work) and artist that i have never herd of, such as Aristide Maillot. Of course there are also the artist i have loved for a while, such as Michelangelo, Da vinci, Rodin, Dali, Klimt, and such.

This is a painting by Balthus Bathasar De Rola called "Sunny Days". His most well known work is "the Chess Game".

Right- two studies of a self portrait done in pen.
Left- three studies of a self portrait done in oils in his early years.

Rembrandt- To the right is one of his many self-portraits and the left picture is a study i did of it. However, the shadows of my study are not unified enough.

Picasso- this is the most intriguing picture that I have ever seen. I could look at it forever. I have looked forever for a poster of it but have had no success, so I have no clue what i shall do. I am afraid to do a study of it for fear of it turning out horrid. Sadness.

A Study of a self portrait by Picasso (above) and a study of one of his clowns below it.

Here are the 3 studies I did of Michelangelo's features over the summer. They took about a month each. I finished the eye a few weeks ago but I haven't taken it off the board I sculpted it on yet. Two weeks ago I began the study of the skull and I feel like I have a fairly good start on a crazy complex study.


Crafty #2

Shirt- this was a man's undershirt and i dyed it, cut out the neck, and sewed on bits if fabric cut in teardrop shape. I have been wanting some unique t-shirts lately, but have ended up having to make my own. It is rather fun actually!
shorts- these were actually capris that one of my cousins passed down to me but i cut them off and cave them a darker wash. I am not really a capri person. Anyway, i was so excited that i was actually capable of cutting them of in straight line, but became somewhat sad when i walked into Target a couple weeks ago and saw shorts just like them. Copycats.
leggings- target
silver shoes- UO
hair clip and ring- my mom's; she wore them as a girl.

This is a necklace that i made out of wire. I was inspired by an artist i saw at a art festival but her name isn't coming to mind. anyway, I worked on it over summer on the way to the beach.


Crafty #1

This site has very inspiring pieces. I hope to make a ring and walnut necklace similar to these.
Lately the genericisim of my clothes has been overwhelming me, so in response i have been altering them. I will hopefully post some pictures soon. This evening i devoted my efforts to dip dying the bottom of a yellow sweater brown. The results were interesting. I think i like it... but we shall see.


4 Ensembles

some outfits- these pictures were taken in Europe a couple months ago.

vest- thrifted
tank- thrifted
shorts UO
belt-little earth brand, got it at Blueskies, a local boutique
necklace- found it in the junk pile of an antique store
sweater- thrifted and altered
leggings JC Pennies?
boots- dillards?

everything here is thrifted except for-
Gloves- AE
boots- Dillards?

sweater- thrifted
belt- grandmother
skirt - thrifted and altered
brown tank- thrifted
maroon t- AE
bracelet- F21
leggings- JC Pennies
boots- Dillards?
scarf- made it

this is a close up of an outfit that i didn't get the whole picture of-
tank- UO
blue sweater- thrifted and then felted
grey sweater- thrifted and then altered
orange necklace- Oma (Dutch Grandma)
glass beaded necklace- mede it


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