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School has begun. today it was rainy and chilly but i forgot to take a picture, as i have for the past week. Anyways, I will try and not be so forgetful form now on. Here are some pictures form a warmer day.
Have any of you people out there is cyber space herd of 'late of the piers'? they aren't on itunes and I don't know where i can find there music, any suggestions?
skirt- UO
shoes- UO
top- thrifted


More Joy

There is nothing I love more than a day spent creating art at the studio followed by an evening spent picnicking with dear friends in the park.
shift and shorts- theater sale
headband- AA
shoes- my moms
Tomorrow I am off for the weekend to Nashville, so I shall not return till Monday to post, despite the fact that I have a lot of pictures!



outfit details
shirt- vintage
shorts- UO
keds- my moms
lame bra- AA
camera and earrings- my mom
sunglasses- UO
bag- vintage

Saturday the local theater had a costume sale. I was there 10 minutes after it opened and got a HUGE bag full of amazing vintage dresses, tops, vintage and 80's undergarments, hats, etc for $40. Now I am basically set except for a few things. My wish list is now quite diminished! I managed to find a pair of shinny turquoise 80's legging for a dollar! Joy!
Any way, all I am planning to get now are some random Ceslete Stine tights, retro headphones, two tone AA tights, and some brown leather loafers from UO. That is basically all I will be able to afford for this upcoming season any way. I really have come to be such a spendthrift when it comes to clothes, but I guess that is good if I am planning to spend the rest of my life as a starving artist.


Hay Bales

I have always loved hay bales. there is something so magical about them. If this doesn't make sense to you then that probably indicates that you are sane. Maybe part of the reason I like them so much is that my uncle, who is an amazing photographer, did all this photos of hay bales using lights at night and the pictures have always hung in my grandmothers house.

So, anyways, enough about hay bales.

Thanks to my 12 year old brother for taking the pictures. He is such a sweetie.
dress- my grandmothers
belt- my grandmothers
boots - UO
sunglasses- UO

I have been sewing a lot of late. A dread friend's mom gave me all her grandmother's old dresses so I have a lot of stuff to hem/fix/rework. I can't wait till the weather gets a little cooler!


Goals, Beliefs, and Sculptures

I got invited last minute to a 3-day-long sculpting class with a model and, of course, couldn't say no. So the past three days I have been busy.
Meanwhile, here are some random pictures.
I got a comment on my last post about not writing about my pro-life efforts and I would like to say thank you for reading my blog and for the advice, however I would also like to say:
Firstly - when I began this blog I did not view it as a fashion blog, but instead a blog where I can write about my artistic endeavors, what is inspiring me, what I find beautiful, ugly, etc. Right now in my life, I am expressing myself a lot in the way I dress, as I always have. But attire is not the main focus of this blog, only a subpoint). The way I view my blog has not changed. The only recent change is the amount of time I have devoted to it. Of late I have only had time to post a few outfit pictures and have not been focusing as much on art, religious beliefs and important aspects of my life.
Secondly - when I do mention what I believe and the causes I support, I do not mean to offend anyone. I mention what is going on in my life and what is weighing heavily on my mind, and the past week that has been what I can do to slow down abortion.
This week I am going to work on a bas relief of a pregnant woman. Yes, it is connected with my desire to shield tiny children in the womb.
I can't separate my life into little boxes labeled 'fashion,' 'art,' 'photography,' 'religion,' 'what I stand for' and so on. I believe that every aspect of our life is connected and influences every other part of our life. I want to live a life in which I stand for what I believe unashamedly and not be afraid of what people think of me for expressing myself. I hope that you will respect me for this, despite the fact that you my not agree with me about boys and girls before birth. If you cannot respect me because of what I believe, than I hope that you can lay this difference aside and enjoy the art and images on this blog. Please don't hate; it does not become anybody.
Thank you
- Marie


Red Dress

dress- thrifted at Thriftko in Orlando
shoes- UO
earrings- my moms
belt- vintage

Wore this on Sunday. I am not big on red but I really do like this dress.... and it looks nice worn backward also!
Not much going on. I've been working a lot on purging/ reorganizing my room. It is a major job. This morning I went to a protest/press conference about abortion, which went really well. A lot more work is going to have to happen though to keep this clinic from coming to town.


Of late so much has been inspiring me. Musically, at the moment I greatly enjoy listening to the kooks (above) and, of course, the Beatles. Art is also a great inspiration, as well as the multitude of color that surrounds me in this beautiful world.
So, anyway, about art (the paint clay kind, not the musical kind). As I was looking through a book on modern art, a couple thoughts passed through my mind, namely:
- There are so many artists
- The majority of artists over the past century have done a fairly successful job of butchering fine art and replacing it with emotional scribbles and blobs
- These artists raised timeless to the position to define what is beautiful and what is “good” art (as opposed to the Renaissance, when God's creation was the ultimate definition of beauty). Nihilism, one of the leading beliefs of the past century, leads to total depression. Many artists drown in this hopeless darkness, a darkness that they made for themselves by removing a beautiful and merciful God from their world. If there is no God, then we loose the definition of wright and wrong, and then we lose all the motivation we should have to do good, perservere through hard times, and to create.
All this is to say that it seems that many of the artists of the past century lived unhappy lives that they ended themselves. Of course, artists are rather crazy by nature. But with a nihilistic viewpoint, their brilliant creativity that could have produced breathtaking works of art (like the works of masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, the Pre-Raphaelites, etc) now produces blobs of spatter paint. No wonder they are so depressed. Who wouldn't rather create something with meaning than a pointless mess?
Another matter to ponder is that, for some reason, modern artists have the notion that “good art” is something that is unlike any other piece of art ever created. Now, if that is how you define good art, you are going to have people calling blank sheets of paper and urinals art. There simply are a limited number of art genres, a limited number of styles. There are only so many new ways to create art, and, in my opinion, if “uniqueness” has now become more important than beauty, talent, and technique, we are a very lost and hopeless people.
Now don't take me wrong, I do value individuality, but in its place.
Even though in general the art of the past century is something that I do not love greatly, there are exceptions. There are artist that have created works that could stand on there own next to any Renaissance master, as well as more crazy artists, like Dali, who, despite there weird modernism, have always stuck a chord in me. Here are a few beauties.

• Camille Claudel was Rodin’s student, model, and lover (Why did so many of the most amazing artist lead such immoral lives?)
Here is a sculpture she did called La Valse.

Loves Song by Giorgio de Chirico

I have a list of paintings I would like to post for your enjoyment, as well as some pictures of my latest work, but I am posting this from a friend's computer. I have spent the most wonderful week at her house, resting and doing absolutely nothing the majority of the time. However I hope to get some nice pictures of the past few weeks developed soon. Thank you for you patience and comments.


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