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My Cousin

The past weekend was very wonderful. I so enjoy speding time with my dear cousin Jenny, she is such an inspertion. Saturday we went thirfting and to some other artsey stores, i got a wonderful top and a red chifon dress, and then we ate at a vegetarion cafe that was really yummy. Sadley, I forgot to bring my camrey on our little galavant, but i do have some pictures I took of her a month ago. Yes, I know, that is a long time ago, but film does have it's idsadvantages, and I do have my problem with letting pictures pile up.

I am leaving to spend the week with a dear friend in the morning. I am so excited, we shall have such a wonderful week. I shall not be able to post outfit shots, but I think I will branch out next week and post on some other things. Thanks Clare for the suggestion, i do feel like i have gotten in a bit of a rut lately.


A Quick Note

Hello everyone out there in cyber space,
Lately the number of viewers of my blog has ben going down drastically, and my comments = 0, so I was wondering if anyone out there could clue me in on why and what I could change about my blog to make it more enjoyable to read / look at. I am somewhat to blame for the whole thing, seeing as I never comment on anyone else's blog unless they comment me first, but I am a bit shy around people I don't know, especially if they are in cyberspace instead of in front of me. So maybe I shall have to get over this issue of mine. I will post on what all the wonderful things that occurred today and some pictures later this evening. At the moment I must go pack, because I am visiting my dear cousins in Orlando this weekend!
Thank you!


July 23

From a week and a half ago. I have a lot of pictures form the past month I need to post.
sweater- local theaters costume sale
scarf- my grandmothers closet
earrings- my moms
belt- my moms
dress- vintage
rings- given to me by a lady at the vintage warhorse in Little Five points.


The summer....on film... finally

sweet Josiah, he usually is the brother of mine who I steal away to help me get outfit pictures.

my mom's eternally old shoes are so comfy!

Hay bales + sunset = perfection

A dear friend of mine.

Taking a nap in the park after eating thru a whole picnic basket.

My adorable, sweet little brother.

My grandmother's garden.

My dad just informed me that he has had all my developed rolls for a w. So here are some of the better pictures. Picnics, friends, and work are wonderful things.


The weekend has ben very hectic. I am quite tired and need to clean my room. Here is an outfit form last week. Sorry for the somewhat word-skimpy posts, but hope you like the pictures.
Vest and T - thrifted last week
shoes- keds
necklace- made form random bits of things given to me by grandparents
bracelets- f21 and random
shorts - UO
sunglasses - UO
I do like UO's winter things, but they seem to all be things that i could thrift for much cheaper. We shall see. I do believe I will fold when it come to there shoes though, especially the loafers.



I wore this a couple days ago to work. I Has been really nice to get back into routine after being gone for a week.
Yesterday was wonderful. I went to the park with a friend and the sky was very blue. However, the heat ended up beating us. I really don't like the heat that much.
tank - thrifted in Little Five points, Atlanta
shorts- UO
scarf- thrifted
earrings - the local Hippy store, All Things Groovy

Yesterday Today, Today Tomorrow

This is what I wore Yesterday. I spent the majority of the day at home, but went downtown in the evening to meet with an artist and visit his studio. It was uplifting. Anyways, I had the girl at Panera wondering if I was from Europe.... I guess that is good.
Skirt- thrifted on Monday
shirt (which is actually a leotard)- also thrifted this on Monday. I told you I found Awesome stuff!
earrings - My moms
apron - My Oma's


Back for a while

So, I wasn't planning on updating, but the past week, while I was at a conference, I ended up being in some pictures, giving me some fodder for a weeks worth of posting. More to come later this week. Thanks to my dear friend Audrey for taking them.

shirt- thrifted in Little Five Points, Atlanta
lame tube bra - AA
skirt- thrifted
sunglasses - UO
sweater (in shadows)- Costume sale
bag ( also in shadow) - My moms. She actually used it as a diaper bag when I was a baby.

Yesterday I went thrifting and found some exciting things; more on that later.
I also saw 'Speed Racer' with my little brother. It was a visual feast, but the whole acting/character development/script seemed a bit lacking.

I have come to the conclusion that I will continue to post, but only when I have something. I am not going to spend that much time scrounging around for something to post on or a decent picture. So, don't abandon me.



Lately I have not ben updating because I have been enjoying life and didn't feel like spending forever trying to get a good outfit shot and posting it etc etc. I have enjoyed my break, and am here to tell you that I think it shall continue for a while longer. I will be out of town next week and don't know when I will start having time to post again because
a) I cant devote my life to art if I never have time to draw
b) I like to have picnics in the park with my friends
c) I am now addicted to those generic bestselling vampire books
But I will update when my dad finally decides to develop all my rolls of film.

Pictures from foto decadent (I think)


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