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This is a person is quite dear to me. She is encouraging, inspiring and wonderfully musical.


Today my adorable little brother is turning 6.



School is out.
Finals are over.
Friends are back in town.
life is still complex
but it is also beautiful.
The human back is also complex.

That was a bad segway.

I have been experimenting with overlaying my drawings with tracing paper so that I can label all the muscles and identify the main masses. It has helped a lot.

"I'm darthvader
I know what I'm made of
'cause I was warmed by the sun, the sun....
your looking for me
but it's not what you see
cause I've got a twisted personality."

"I was looking for you
and I'm glad I found me a special kind of personality
you are Darth vader
I know what your made of
you are like a lunge, a lung...
you were warmed by the sun, the sun...."
The Knife


Oh I am so excited. One of my dearest friends is coming back from living in canada tomorrow, and school is almost over for a month, WHOOOOO, and I went thifting today and found tons of amazing things, and I went to a wonderfully colorful music store and found a CD with loads of Beatles recordings. Amazing. And I get to sleep in a ton. And my physics exam is off my shoulders. My friends, the world is a beautiful, colorful, and sweet sounding globe. I hope tons of you share this feeling, and if you are down, I hope you feel better about life soon.


Haha today I feel like a preppy wood nymph who wants to go punk but is too girly to pull it off because her bigest inspiration is Audrey Hepburn.
Tomorrow I am going to wear skinny jeans and flowers in my hair.
When I was little I looked at Cicely Mary Barker’s book of flower fairies for hours.
I got hippy combat boots in the mail, but I am not going to open the package till by birthday, because that is what they are for, and there has to be some element of surprise.
Anyways, I hope all you dears had a wonderful thanksgiving and a wonderful week.
Real time photos will resume when I get a camera, promise.


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She was the child of a story, and reality did not exist for her

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