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Europe #1

I am sorry for how long it has taken for me to post. I returned form Europe Saturday night and ever since then all my time has been consumed with trying to catch up on school and sleep. I am not caught up on neither but i am closer than a couple days ago. Prague and Budapest were very beautiful. The weather was perfect every day. It was sorta bad because every day the lighting was so great for photographs that i took a total of 21 rolls of film, none of which i have gotten developed yet. Here are a couple of the pictures i took on my digital camera. Later i will post some sketches and paintings and when i get my film developed i will post some of those. Enjoy!


Manchester Looks

These are some samples form Manchester Looks ( i really find these looks inspiring.
As I said in the last post, i will not be here for two weeks. However when i return i will be trying to post more of my own art and style do to some requests. I hope that you enjoy what i have been posting so far!


Style Scout

Style Scout ( is a great blog that I get a lot of ideas from.
The rest of this week i will be posting about start style blogs. However starting monday I will be in Europe and will not be able to post for two weeks. however when i return i will have allot to post on!


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