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How to Make your own fringe tee shirt!

A week ago I was spending the day with my cousin and out of boredom we decided to buy a pack of mens tees. The projects got to grand for the small supply of sewing material we had in the hotel so i just carried the project home. The result was Two fringed Tee's similar to the one Agatha of style bytes (my she R.I.P) made.
They are fairly basic. here is what you shall need.
1) 1 1/3 mens tee shirts (whatever size you want, but this shield will look better if it is more fitted than not)
2) scissors
3) a sewing machine (or, of you really wanted to, you could sew it by hand) and some thread

1) Take 1 tee and lay it flat
Cut a strip through both layers of cloth, from the bottom of the shirt to the top, and as wide as you want the fringe to be long + an inch for seam.

2) Now lay this double layer of cloth out flat (you might want to pin it so the layers stay together) and cut fringes all along one side. They should be wider the a finger width so they don't rip easily but not to wide. Remember to not cut through the last inch of the strip (which is seam allowance... and you don't want a hundred separate strips of cloth)

(Here is a wonderfully helpful picture, clearly showing artistic talent... I apologize).
3) Cut down each side of your 2nd tee shirt, from the bottom of the arm hole to the bottom of the shirt. this is where your fringe will be.

4) Now turn the shirt inside out

5) Pin the fringe in between the two sides of the shirt. The fringe should be inside the shirt, so when you turn the shirt right side out the fringe will on the outside and the seams will be on the inside.

now sew back up each side of tee shirt with the fringe in it (you wil be sewing thru 3 layers of fabric), turn the shirt right side out and HURRA now you have a cooly fringe-y tee shirt. If you want to you can dye it or draw on it or embellish it. There are basically endless possibilities, but I just left mine plane.

I have also been skinning some old pants and hemming dresses.... I believe that if I actually mended and fixed all the clothes that are in my to-mend-and-fix-pile I would double my wardrobe. And oh I went to a theater sale where they were selling old costumes and fabric and got the most perfect drop waist dress ever, as well as some other beauties, all for a total of $5!


Photo shoot

The first photo shoot that I modeled and styled for VaVa vintage, the local vintage sotre, was last week. The pictures turned out fairly well. Here is a sample. We are going to shoot some more hopeful this week. I will let you know as soon as they open there ebay store, because you well have to check it out.

I have been out of town fore a few days and am just getting back into the swing of things, so I apologize for the lack of posts lately and to come.


This evening I finally did the photo shoot for the vintage store. It was very fun and I think we got some good pictures, I will post them later. Till then, here are some outfits of late. I will be out of town this week, but will post a lot when I get back. And I hope to get all my film developed soon also!

Sorry about the bad quality, it was late at night in an hotel.
Lame tube- AA
top - vintage
skirt- thrifted
shoes- Keds

Sunday evening outfit -
dress- thrifted
glass beaded necklace - self made
seed bead necklace - Grandmother


Today was rather uneventful. Ran some errands and such. I wore the same thing that I wore Tuesday, when i went to a festival and forgot to take pictures.
tank - thrifted
scarf - thrifted
shorts- UO
little necklace- Oma
big necklace- a friend
purse- vintage
earrings- the local hippy store
sunglasses - UO


Junne 11

Today was wonderful, as was monday and tuesday. I don't have my rolls of film developed but they shall be soon. I will tell you all about all the picnics then.
Today was very hot but the trip to Atlanta seemed short and I am happy to see my great uncle, as well as with what I got.
I went to UO and then to little five points. it was wonderful. here is a sketch from a cafe window, done in my new moleskine!

dress/jumpsuit - thrifted
boots- UO- see, I told you they were perfect, and like walking on clouds! However they have already almost had a near death experience. sunday i was at a dear friends house and we decided to ride her horse. they were the only shoes I had and when we got back form riding i discovered the backs were covered in horse sweat! The cobbler said there was nothing to be done about the stain, but then i scraped it off with my fingernail and they look quite fine again. Yay.
sparkly ring - M by MJ
stack of rings - a nice lady at a vintage store in little Five Points said i could have them for free, even though i did still have a dolor to pay her with. Yay for free cheap-y jewelry!
belt- thrifted
I also finished my skull about a week ago. here is a not-so-good-quality picture of it.

I hope I can make some money this summer thru my art. Today I spent about 70 dollars, however I think I shall not buy anything for a few months now. I got a Tee with a face on it and paper bag B&W shorts from UO for $10 each, a vintage tank and old graffiti print biker shorts at a expensive thrift store in little five points, and a lame tube and headband from AA, as well as another Lame Tube for a friend. Yay I feel blessed by all the colors!


June 4

My finals are Friday, so please keep me in your mind, seeing as I am not quite ready.
However, I do have a wonderful week to look forward to. the hour my exam is done I shall begin a new sculpture, then, that evening, a huge local music festival begins. I shall get to see some of my wonderful friends and we shall have lots of picnics next week.
There is a party Saturday that I am looking forward to and then the next few days shall be spent sculpting and festivalgoing.
On Wednesday my mom and I pick up a great uncle coming from Holland and arriving in Atlanta, so I shall get to do some much-needed out-of-town shopping.
We’re soon having a family reunion — I really love my family. And last, but not lest, I look forward to a life without school lived in a beautiful world, in beautiful clothes and fringed boots (which arrived this morning and are perfect).
I have positively vetoed a “summer job” in favor of making cards and jewelry and styling and modeling for the local vintage shop’s eBay store front. The first shoot is Monday morning.
So how, you might ask, does this affect you? well, I shall go through my upcoming weeks in heaven, with camera in hand, and I hope the result of my fashion explorations will be pleasing to everyone.
Until then, here are some pictures I just got back from the drugstore.

An outfit that I wore a few weeks ago to class (hens the package of oatmeal in my hand for breakfast). It is far to hot (90 F) this week to wear anything that even resembles a sweater.
skirt- a thrifted dress that I altered
tank- thrifted
bracelet- a local boutique
sweater- AE
red keds (not pictured)

Oh and if anyone out there would like to be on ly list of links, let me know! I really need to go thru them soon anyways and update them. there are so many amazing sights our there! and I would also really appreciate it if yall would have my link on your sights!


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