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Got some film back yesterday. Some of the pictures aren't that bad. The one of Matt and Jeramy makes me laugh.

EDIT - I changed my header picture to something not so narcissistic. Guess what it is? A wall covered in gum! How exciting is that?


Finished my paper.
Skipped class.
already miss VA and Audrey.


Kinda works like sunglasses

Or a filter.
Back From VA. pulling an all nighter to write this paper on Bowie and Rilke. 
Hope I can get some sleep in though .


shot by the Swankest at the concert on Friday.
Enter the Haggis was wonderful.



Yeasterday I drove to VA to surprise Audrey for her birthday. She was surprised!
We went to a celtic rock concert, ran in a field of green grass, visited a cemetery, drove around, and had many other wonderful adventures. Lots of pictures to come.
And this morning she cut all my hair off for me! Now I do not feel like an english sheep dog.


Sorry for the lack of posting. There is so much to get done this, and the next, few weeks. A research paper on comparing Rilke's "Der Tod" and Bowie's "Life on Mars" is in progress - we shall see how that turns out. Also working on a history paper, not very interesting.
Rilke is quite amazing. I have been reading up on his life for the past month or so and he was so fascinating. He emphasized the importance of seeing the world, and as a result his poems are visual masterpieces. Paintings made of words.
I have met a very wonderful person, Taylor. I really have never had someone who I relate so well to and whose company I enjoy so much who lives close enough to hang out with, so that is quite wonderful. Tuesday we had coffee, went to life drawing, and then ate dinner, and today we shall have a picnic.


Somedays I miss Europe a lot

And the past week has been full of those days. I was going to post just a few pictures but couldn't decide which, so here are 11. 



Today was four bridges, which was very nice.... I have so many exciting things to tell you but I am quite tired at the moment and I need to get a few things done before I can hit the cot... so I shall tell you of all my wonderful adventures on Monday.
Anyways, I ran into Cameron of the Chattanoogan, resulting in this picture. Which is what I shall leave you with today.
shirt- mens thrifted shirt, top - the top part of a dress that I cut up, belt - thrifted, shoes - moms old, turban - costume sale.
Have a nice Sunday!


Finally figured out way to wear this turban. I found it at a costume sale and very much fell in love with it but haven't had the guts to wear it till the past week. I am going to wear it again tomorrow.... exciting! There is going to be a big art festival and then I shall hanging out with some dear friends and then maybe I will go to a show. And loose more of my hearing.
You can see adorable jacob in the background.
I cant stop listening to Belle and Sebastian. If I ever have a son I am going to name him Sebastian.


This is my grandma.
She is one of my greatest insperations.


Today was a sad day at the beginning but then it became very nice. I dropped my phone in water and locked myself out of the car, but then I found my spare key and my phone healed from a near drowning!
So you see, it was not that bad after all. School will be over soon, but it isn't that bad because I have made some very nice friends this semester and I will be sad not to see them anymore.
Anyways, finally got my film back from Wal Mart - late but dirt cheap, so no complaints. I will scan them soon. Here is a picture my dad took a while ago. Mostly stuff from the costume sale.
Life drawing was this evening - I am not very good at drawing men. I feel like a failure.
Ok, going to try and head off to sleep soon. Tired.


Sad day

Today I thought that my pictures would be ready to pick up but they are not, so here is a picture of Jenny from back in January. Now I must write some papers and make some crafts for Clare and my Etsy.


hello today

I finally got my black jeans back form a friend who stole them by accident. Very exciting, no?
Yesterday I saw Dragon Ball with some friends and laughed very much it was the biggest pic fail of all times. You should see it.
Today I shall work on my converse, study German, eat lunch with dear friends, and take one of my little brothers to his first hard rock concert. I think he will enjoy it.


Here is another picture from VA.
I think all my pictures form prom might be messed up. I hate myself when I do stupid stuff like that. And I am out of film!



I have had a pair of white of converse that i partially painted but I don't know what to do with them and I don't feel like wearing them.
Well, my dear friend audrey sent me this picture of her converse that she covered in ticking fabric. Brilliant. So my newest project is to cover the non painted parts of my unused converse with vintage floral fabric.
Then they will be quite exciting. All like a rainbow.


Yesterday I went by the vintage store and it had disappeared. Where has it gone? I must find out.
Today it snowed. Everyone says that is it very wrong of the weather to snow in April but I love it. I biked 10 miles to school on my new bike and soon I will have to bike back to the city where my car is, where I will drink some coffee.


Sometimes I really miss dancing. I don't miss most of the people, or the teacher, but every time I see people dance I wish that I still danced, despite how much it hurt my feet and the mean people and sore muscles and crazy makeup and nerves before a performance. Maybe this summer I will do some modern dancing somewhere. That would be very nice- to feel my bare feet sweep across the floor and to jump into the sky and attempt to be somewhat graceful again.



Prom was a blast.
I went with a friend and he almost couldn't get in because "dress code". It was funny. I wore a jump suit so that was interesting.
Here are some snaps. I took a roll of film but it needs to be developed.  The last second to last two pictures are taken by my friend Matt. Thanks Matt. 


Last week in Nashville with my dear family.
It was very windy that day!
Today was rainy so I could not bike to school... but maybe on Tuesday.
Tomorrow is prom.... exciting. I don't really care, but I am looking forward to having a nice time.


Some photos I did for a photo shoot for the local vintage store.
Things have been busy, sculpting a lot and all. Today the weather is beautiful, but I do not have time to bike - maybe tomorrow I will.


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