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An old house in VA that audrey and I had to drive down scary roads to get to. Quite an adventure.
I have a lot to post about but not much time. Cleaning house because some kids are coming over and hanging out tonight, and have to rewrite a paper for school.
Went to a show last night at a punk house.
Hope my pictures turn out nicely.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one creepy lookin' house. Hope you had fun at the show and that you have a nice time with your friends tonight! ^^ Bummer I didn't get to see you at school today.


Audrey said...

oh, man. that was the best day. :D

darling - you don't undervalue me! not at all. it's rather the other way around.
it would be lovely if you called me. anytime in the next few days is great.
i miss you very much...caught myself thinking about Chattanooga again today. :)

Justin said...

I'm a creeper and totally found your blog. -McAfee15

I'm commenting to tell you that I would give anything to be able to see the world the way you do, if even for a fleeting second. Your one of the most beautiful people I know. Stay that way.


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