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I am loving the photographs and the graphic interpretation of them placed nest to the photo from Passerby on the site Surface to Air ( This site is amazing and you should really check it out.



I feel like if i always post so colorfully as i have been lately, this blog will come across as quite garish. So here is black; a color which i love very much but miss greatly during the hot summer months.
All of these pictures are from the German fashion magazine Herbstmode (Sep. '06). A bit outdated, I know, but the composition of these photos will always be beautiful and classic cloths should always be appreciated.
The only picture not from Herbstmode is the one in the bottom right hand corner. This photo was taken from a vogue magazine.


colors of the day

Clockwise from top left
Two pages from my journal. it is pretty much just a bunch of junk that i find beautiful glue on a page and then paint and every now and then bits from my sketch book. However you don't have to be an artist to have an art journal or keep an altered book going.
This is a photo from taken by Kenneth Cappello for Loveless Tokyo Stores.
Tome tiles from a wall in Little Five Points, Atlanta. pretty much the coolest place in the world.
A scarf that i knitted out of a crazy assortment of yarn.


Inspiration at the moment and the reason for this blog

The point of this blog is to inspire; not just to inspire artist and the such, but to inspire everybody who sees it. I hope that because of what you see hear you will throw something different and unique into you outfit or play around with beads or paint or maybe both! Open an art book and relish the colors, go to a fabric store and run your hand along the bolsters, or just flip through a Vogue as you stand in line at the grocery store. Enjoy life and all its colors that God has blessed you with! I will try and have a new post every other day or so and i hope that you enjoy every single pixel!

clockwise from top left
I never thought of embroidering toile, however the amazing people at did and look at the results!
A picture of me in a dress surrounded by patterns.
at the moment i am really into this surrealist called Dorothea Tanning. this painting by her is called "A little Night Music". She was married to Max Earnest and only had two weeks of art training. Amazing!
John Galliano is my favorite designer. He has such a unique style! Here is one of his designs from his '02 spring collection, which is so well put together and really has had an impact on me.


My photo
She was the child of a story, and reality did not exist for her

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