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DIY Inspiration

There are so many things I want to make: I have a book where I write it all down and hundreds picture files on my computer, and yet my final output of things that I make is so small. Maybe it is because I spend all my time lately on the computer. Anyways, here are some concepts I have been turning over in my mind. Aren't they delicious?

Plastic skirt/ overlay (using that plastic you get clothes back form the dry cleaners in?)

Hampus Bernhoff

Cage dresses/skirts. These would be quite fun to make out of ribbon or maybe a more interesting material, like really think plastic (like I could actually find some)
Comme des garcons

this one is a rather frilly, and sorry about the fact that the girl isn't totally dressed.

Acne grid skirt

rework Tee shirts
I have come up with a never ending list of ways to re-work tee shirts, here are a few I hope to do soon so that i can wear them this summer.
-fringe the edges
-bead the neckline
-shred (as done to this sweatshirt form Urban Outfitters)

-Doodle or dip dye, here is a shirt i doodle on. i have had it for a while and it getting rather ratty so i think i need to do some more doodling.

drape, such as this Tee from John Galliano's summer '05 collection (yes i know that was a while ago, but i like it so who cares if it is an old fad)

make into dresses- usually i do this my just sewing 2 gathered scarves to the bottom of a cut off tee, but this girl used 16 XX: tees and braided (?) them into i dress. i found this on fliker but i couldn't find it again to site it, sorry.

Zippers- they are amazing. i have thinking of making a colar out of them, similar to the one By Outsapop

Or maybe I should make it into a headband type thing instead.
speaking of headbands....

I love the headband. rosett+ vintage belt. I actually made a headband out of one of my dads old ties that turned out quite nice. Head decorations are really quite wonderful, especially the smaller ones!
I also really love the necklace. i have been thinking of making some like it using the shrinky dinky stuff you get at the kids section in craft stores. what fun!


Things have been hectic of late. However, my main issue is that I cant seem to focus on any 1 thing or finish anything thing, and my room is quite a mess which really puts my mind into a state of disorder also. I am working on cleaning both.
Untill then, here are some things I have been wearing lately. the weather has been going from cold to warm which is really quite nice.
Lately a feeling of rebellion against the world and society has been rising up within me. It hasn't had much affect yet except upon my thoughts, but I have be come quite sick of the box that every high-schooler in this small city of mine 'must' conform to. I quite feel like doing totally socially unacceptable things and finally becoming one of those crazy artist in full. What fun!

easter sunday -
after church my little brothers had an egg hunt. i got chilly in the breeze, hence, the leg-warmers.
Dress- my grandmothers closet, mad by her also
sweater- made by my grandmother for my father when he was a boy
belt- my grandmother's closet
leg-warmers- my aunt Mary
shoes- UO

Monday evening i went to go see U2 3D, it was very enjoyable.
shirt- Hans mens undershirt from wal-mart
scarf- thrifted
ring- self made out of a vintage button
vest- UO

you cant see the shorts and shoes and tights in this picture, but the shorts are just the gray pinstriped cuffed ones from UO and the shoes are gray sandals form UO

this is what i wore today, sorry for the darkness, but i forgot to take the picture till late at night.
scarf- thrifted
shirt- some random department store?
shorts (mentioned above) UO
shoes that you cant see- silver lace up flats form UO

i am becoming one of those shoe obsessed people, it is not good. do you have any idea how expensive those things are?
see these beauties? not only would they make me like 7 feet tall and trip all over myself, but they are also like $100 dollars. Why, i ask, do we women have to become so obsessed over such impractical things?



I love floras. i always have and always will. They are feminine and colorful. one can wear them all year round and next winter on can wear them according to trend all year round, but i am big on following trends.... just doing whatever suits me.
Anaway, fllorals are upliftinga nd exactling what is needed when it is dark and i have the ACT test looming ahead of me.

dress- (it is auctly has a split skirt but it looks more like a dress than a jump suit)- thrited
scarf- H&M
sweater- my dads
ring- my moms

shirt- marshals
scarf- H&M
sweater- Old Navy
shorts- cut off mens pants from the thrift store
tights- walmart
shoes- UO

I went thrifting today with a friend. I have herd that when thrifting one should be alone because a friend is competition, however I had way more fun then when i thrift alone, and we have different styles anyways so there were no cat fights over rags in the aisles. I found some amazing grandma dresses that i need to hem, a jumpsuit with roses, a skirt, 2 scarves, and something else, I forget..maybe that is it. Anyway, it was the most fruitful thrifting day I have had in months.
We then preceded to the vintage store, where I found a dress that might possibly be my prom dress, but I am not sure.. it is quite pouffy and gorgeous (yes i know that seems like an oxymoron) but i feel it is far to nice for an even that i don't really care about or look forward to, so we shall see.
I apologize for the somewhat shallow posts of late. I am scrounging around in my head for a topic that will be more beneficial to people then what i have worn that day. i would love suggestions.... maybe something art related??



Today was church. I had on a dress form my grandmothe'rs closet but my mom suggested that I wear it next Sunday for Easter so instead I wore these things (ie my favorite things that don't match).
sweater- knit by my grandmother for my dad when he was a boy
T-shirt- goodwill
skirt- vintage
belt- my grandmother
scarf- thrifted
shoes- UO

The past weekend i went up to the state capital with a bunch of kids for a competition. it was very fun, even though the teams from my school didn't win. i forgot to take pictures of every outfit (i always feel like such a vain narcissist asking people to take pictures of me) but I did get a picture of this outfit from Thursday.
t-shirt- vintage
high-wasted shorts- vintage
scarf- vintage
sweater- thrifted
tights- wal-mart
shoes- UO
bag- ??


Here are some outfits. I have been failing to take a picture of my outfits lately, I apologize. i just don't remember till it is 11:00. and it makes me feel like such a narcissist. Anyways, my room is such a mess that i think it reflects in my outfits, they are sloppy looking.

sweater- my dads
shorts- UO
tights (you cant see it in the picture but they are gold flecked)- banana republic
shoes- local resale shop
i am at the place i work, the skull is what i have been studying and it is coming along well.
Jacket- Anthropoligie (on sale)
coke shirt- good will
Shorts- UO

the lighting isn't very good in this picture, i forgot to take it till it was late.
skirt- clothing exchange with some friends- the color and the length of the skirt were bad, so i hemmed it and dyed it black
shirt- UO
cardigan- old navy
scarf- self made, knitted out of lots of bits of yarn and scraps
bracelet- a boutique sale
leggings- target
shoes- local resale shoe shop


The past week...

I have been thinking lately about how much my personal taste in clothes has changed lately...... you would be amazed the conversion of the once boho/punk/grunge emo kid of year ago.
So anyway, I have been trying to document what i have been wearing lately. Some times I wear the same outfit for a couple days in a row because I am to lazy to create something else, but sometimes I create a new outfit (after emptying my closet and displacing the contents on my small floor). So here are the results of my attempt at style documentation (continued).

T-shirt- Goodwill
scarf- my mom
sweater- thrifted and then altered
shorts- UO
earrings and bracelets- random places such as moms jewelry box and such
tights- walmart
I must thank my father for taking these photos

blouse- UO
shorts- these were capris given to me by my cousin, however i dint like the wash or length, hence, dark shorts.

T- Shirt- silk thrifted
shorts- UO
sweater- thrifted and reworked- there is a lace doily suspended in the back
scarf- thrifted
shoes- UO

A detail of the above outfit. the buttons are vintage and the sweater was riddled with moth holes so i fixed it with happily colored thread.
bracelet- Goodwill


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