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May 29

I have been recycling this outfit a good deal the past few weeks. The shirt is thrifted, the skirt is Express, the belt is from a local boutique and so is the bracelet. It is a comfy outfit and the colors put me in a good mood.
In the picture above I am waring Keds and my moms old bag, while in the picture below I have my UO silver lace-up flats, a cardigan form target (I got it last week on sale. I haven't bought anything new in a long time), and my moms old sunglasses.

I have started mass producing and selling cards that have a print of my watercolor flowers on it and making random things for people. For the fist time in a while I have some money, so, in celebration, I hope to oder these boots and a pair of sunglasses that aren't my moms rejects form UO today. The rest of the money will go in savings, otherwise it would not last very long.

By the way, there IS still a post on art coming along with some of my work. I really am almost done sculpting the skull (I have been saying that for about a moth though). We shall see...


May 26

School is going to be the death of me. I have a little, less than two, weeks left, so after that expect more substantial posts. I have spent the day today in front of the computer preparing for my insane finals. I went to an amusement park Friday. I think i am becoming far to old for those things.
Anyways, here is what I wore today while I rotted my brain on homework.

shorts- UO
shirt- thrifted
scarf- thifted
sunglasses- my mom
earrings - my mom


May 22

Yesterday I went on an adventure! After math class I met up with some friends. We went to sonic and got cheap shakes. Then, we went to an old abandoned house/mansion. I think it used to be a restaurant and it was partially burnt. So we explored it and made a story about who lived there. We came to the conclusion that it had, in fact, been a nursing home and that the heir to one of the rich old mans estate had set the place ablaze. Anyways, it was the perfect day to have an adventure, for are not a slushy and blue skies all you need to have a good adventure?
Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, but I plan on returning!!
Anyways, here is what I wore yesterday.

skirt - vintage
top and belt- thrifted
shoes and earrings - my mom
necklace - a friend

And I wore this outfit a couple days ago. Sorry for not posting is such a long time!

Jeans- UO
shirt- thrifted
shoes- my mom

P.S. I have not forgotten about the art post i promised you. I am working on it. I promise.


Hello today
I was just looking over some of my past posts and have come to the conclusion that i don't really like my self. It is just that I ' want to post the same pictures that everyone posts on there blog of the latest Prada adds or the eternally cool girl form the Sartorialist because you can see those everywhere. So i must resort to my own little dabbles in art and fashion, though they are surface scratches in a small block of marble compared to Michelangelo's Pieta (i.e they are small and worthless compared to the world of fashion). I do not blog to promote my self, but instead because i hope that my endeavors at self expression and the art of dressing will inspire others to wear something colorful and to hopeful make them smile> Beauty is everywhere, and I am only letting a single drop into a whole ocean of beauty in this world. OK, I am sorry I am rambling, but I just am annoyed with myself because sometimes bogging seems so shallow and pointless and my justification so insignificant.
So, i am now working on a post that includes some paintings form the great masters. Tomorrow I will scan some studies I have done during school (Yes, I draw all day at school, I would feel like an unproductive lazy slacked if i had nothing to show for all the hours i spent at the place). I am also almost done sculpting the study of a skull i have been working on for a few months so be expecting pictures.

Ok, here is a detail of what I wore Tuesday. the picture of the whole outfit was no good, my face was rather a mess. all swollen because I was sad.
top- thrifted
necklace- an old key chain of my grandpas, grandmas chain, etc...
scarf- thrifted
sweater- Old navy
shorts- UO
bag- vintage
bracelet- boutique sale

This was Saturday morning, the day of my friends wedding. We went to a wonderful grandmas house and picked roses to make our bouquets.
shirt- vintage
scarf- thrifted
shorts- UO
sweater- Old Navy
shoes- keds
bracelet- a boutique sale
camera- my moms

jump suit- thrifted
scarf- my grandmother
shoes- my mom
belt- my dad
earrings- my mom


Rolls of film and Some Past Outfits

Sorry for the lack of posts. One of my dear friends got married the past weekend and so I had quite alot going on. I will post some pictures from that later.
meanwhile, here are some outfits from the past week.

This was a colorful ensemble i wore to school.
skirt- AE
top- thrifted
belt- thrifted
shoes (you cant see them) keds
I wore this outfit twice last week, first to church and then to school on Thursday. I had a full slip underneath that was white but then I dyed it green and it turned out way too dark, so, I shall find another slip to dye and hopefully it shall turn out a happy color.
Dress- vintage
scarf- my grandmother
belt- my mom
shoes- my mom
bag- my mom

My dad just got a few rolls of his film developed and there were also some outfit pictures on there. They are from over the past month but they are really good quality. Yay for film.

This is my favorite vest ever.
vest- thrifted
tank- target
jeans- UO
shoes- keds
necklace- my Oma
ring- HT (the earrings are pyramid studs and are also from Hot topic).
bracelets- random
bag- my mom

I am pretty sure I posted these next two outfits earlier, but like i said, film is better quality.
skirt- thrifted
top- thrifted
bag- thrifted
shoes- keds
belt- my mom
sunglasses- my mom

skirt- vintage
top- Anthropologie
shoes- my mom
belt- my mom
bracelets- given to me by a friend
bag- thrifted

One of my rolls was also developed

My sunglasses. A day of tanning (or more like attempting to tan) at a friend's grandmother's house.

A dear friend.



Today was just math class, and i went thrifting. I found a romper! It has an ethnic/retro print on top and black shorts.
I forgot to take a picture of what I wore yesterday, it was very colorful, so maybe I will wear it again soon.
Here is what i wore today. on of my friends told me the saw me from far away and thought i was wearing a towel. Lol.
Skirt- thrifted
top- thrifted
necklaces- given to me by people
belt- my moms


Last night my dear friend had her lingerie shower. Here are her beautiful shoes and a glimpse of some of the packages!

After not getting much sleep and having my morning routine disembodied because of the slumber after party, I totally forgot to put on any makeup whatsoever..... and i really could care less. I put on these comfy clothes.

On the way home I went to a thrift store and got this exciting belt that can also be worn as a headband.

Yesterday I got my hair cut! I tried to grow it out but it just weighed me down to much, so off it went!

The Inspiration:

Yay for keds!


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