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New York Times Fashion

The New York Times has some stunning fashion slide shows. here are just some samples.
I am having trouble getting the link on the blog to work to here is the address.
Sorry about that


Some Beautiful pictures

Left - Chuck Close's paintings are so inspiring to me. I appreciated them even more when i learned that he is handicapped form a stoke that almost made him quit his art. This is a self portrait.
Top left- This is a picture i took of a old cigar box that was full of crayons for kids at a restaurant.
Bottom right - This is one of the most beautiful images i have seen in a lately and had to share it. it is from an old national geographic.


Vintage flag dress

Clockwise from top left
This is a dress that I made out of an old T-shirt, a vintage british flag, a vintage scarf and belt buckle, and some hand embroidered trim from Scandinavia. I modeled it and also took the pictures (using a timer).
Here is the front. I sowed glass beads on the neckline.
Another picture with some interesting lighting.
This is a picture I took of a friend who was waring my jewelry using her camera.


Todays inspirations...

From left to right
A page form my journal. I actually did this page a year or so ago but i still love the color!!
A tag from a Harajuku Lovers bag i got.
I love Vivainne Westwood, and her summer '07 collection is especially amazing!
Another inspiration of late is Lula magazine. It is so beautiful!!


I have returned quite inspired

The past week I spent at the beach. It was hot but beautiful. Here are some pictures of Charleston, Savannah and the beach. The sketches are ones that I did of my cousin, a sculpture ('Veiled Lady' by Pietro Rossi, marble), and a quick painting of a sunrise.
While I was visiting Savannah, I took a tour of SCAD. It seems like a good school and it has great fashion designing program, but I think there are definitely better art program elsewhere.
Enjoy the Pictures!


More Photos

Here are three more photos. The top two are taken with a digitall and the bottom one is another photo taken with my dads old 35 mm.


Photography with an old camera...

My dad gave me one of his old cameras. It is film, which I have never used before, but it gave me some nice results after a little experimenting. The best part is the surprise when you finally get the pictures developed!!!
These pictures are from around the neighborhood of the studio i am at allot. It is pretty sweet as you can see!


Tsumori Cisato

Here are some ore photos from the amazing site Surface to air. They are photos are of clothes designed by Tsumori Cisato and are absolutely stunning.


Gustav Klimt

Klimt is one of my favorite artist. His works stood out at the time that it was painted and still does today. . i wanted to get more of his painting up on this post but i ran out of room and i had to crop the paintings of his which i did post. do an image search of Klimt on google to see more of his work. Clockwise from top left-
'The Kiss' (1907-1908), 'The Maiden' (1912-1913), Portrait of Adele-Bloch Bauer II (1912), and 'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I' (1907).

A Bit Random

Here are some photos that I took at an amusement part. They aren't really of the part though. The shoes on the left bottom corner are vans that I drew on with a permeant marker. It is a fun thing to do and no one will have anything like them!


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