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Lately I am very fond of blue and turquoise.
Today I am sad because so many of my friends have graduated and will be leaving. And the crowd at graduation was exhausting. Now I shall go finish reading Digital fortress and then I shall do some cooking.
Have a nice Sunday.



This is my room in a sate of chaos (sadly that is the only state it has known for a while).
Today was crazy. Tomorrow will be crazy. I have a lot to do before the sun rises.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Oh and next week I shall be out of town at a conference so that shall be fun... I am very much looking forward to seeing many dear people.
And guess what!! In July I shall begin working at my favorite coffee house. You shall all have to come visit me.



Here are som pictures that my dad took of Taylor and me a few weeks ago. I am at her house now and we are going to watch French films. You can read her wonderfuly thoughtful blog here.



Isn't my adorable little brother so cute?



As you can see, on Saturday David and I had quite a blast driving around down town with a trunk full of our favorite clothes, changing is the squashed passenger seat, and shooting all these exciting pictures. Look at his blog also!

The people in green life were looking at us in a very funny way. The dress and scarf are vintage, shoes from UO and sunnies from F21.

Flanele shirt worn as skirt, floral blouse, belt, and shoes are all thrifted. Shoes i studded myself and crown was made for me by my grandfather when I was a little kid. 

Yay colors! The sweater I am wearing i borrowed from Daivd, skirt is a shirt that is borrowed from my brother and shoes are my moms. 

As you can see above, David is quite the rebbel art student. Below Wearing a vintage dress and turban and thrifted penny loafers. 


Falling apart on Panama beach

So got my 35 mm rolls from panama developed. Here are some shots of an old building that some friends and I explored. 


Some pictures that my dad took of me in a field a while ago.
Things are crazy of late..... psyched about doing a photo shoot with David this afternoon.


I have returned form a very nice 5 days at the beach with a group of dear friends. Took 3 rolls of film so expect some beach shots in the near future.
Tomorrow Clare and I hope to finally launch our Blonde Chicks Etsy store. Here is a preview of one of the beautiful necklaces that Clare makes form recycled vintage glass beads and clasps (along side my new favorite dress and sweater that I found at little five points last week). 
Please keep on checking the blog because there shall shortly be a previews of all the things we will be selling the up coming week.


Blonde Chicks Blog!

Spent all evening working on the header for the Blonde Chicks blog, which is up and shall soon be followed by out Etsy store. Not much up there yet but check it out and bookmark it so that you can see the growth!


Some more pictures from VA. It is such a beautiful place.
Now I shall go take pictures of all my dresses for Etsy with my dad. Blond Chicks blog will be up soon so expect to see a preview of the dresses, as well as a few prints of my photos and some totes with drawings on them, not to mention Clare's amazing jewelry and headpieces!! Aren't you excited!



Lately I am very over obsessed with denim. I have collected my little brothers denim jacket and shirt and added them to the collection of denim vest, shirt, dresses, and shorts I have. I think I shall go denim thrifting soon. That is when I am no longer broke.

Pictures from Grance dore.


I miss VA and Audrey and her wonderful family. But I am very much looking forward to the beach with another group of wonderful people.Two days! Despite the fact that lots of humanity drives me crazy there really are loads of wonderful people out there.
Tomorrow Clare and I shall begin the push to get our Etsy shop set up. Do you prefer the name blond chicks (or blond girls, seeing as we are both blond) or the more serious name of T&B Co.?
We will be starting a blog for the Etsy, so look forward to that as well.
Any other suggestions?


Life is one big dress up party

yesterday was quite wonderful, despite the heat. Little five points was a colorful as ever, i ate sushi with my uncle and then traded clothes at a thrift store (getting a wonderful vintage sweater). Got Bat for Lashes new album on Vinyl and splurged all the money I don't have on the most gorgeous dress. It had so many colors I couldn't help myself.
Today I sculpted form life for 6 hours.
Ok nothing else very exciting to relate.
Is there anything specific you would like me to post about?
Any questions?


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