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-earings- given to be my a nice lady at my church
sweater- old navy
scarf- my dad
And guess what!! I wore jeans today but I didn't like it. However, I think it is more of the jeans problem that it is mine. They are BDG from Urban Outfitters but the area where the zipper is does not fit in the most unattractive way so i wore a long white mens tee shirt but I changed because I spilled soup on it at school and then got more dirty at work.

OK, now to the main subject of this post...

Summer is on it's way. In a sense this is quite a joyful thought to me and many others because, despite the fact that sweaters and leggings and fat socks are nice, they can only be endured for so long and then one has enough of them. So even though I look forward to getting out of many layers of winter clothing, I somewhat dread the yearly task of figuring out how to get though a whole summer with out burning up on one hand and running around skimpily clad on the other. To complicate matters more, this summer I really don't want to spend that much money, so I am only going to get a few things.
Red keds will be comfortable and will work with basically anything, sun dresses, shorts, jeans (like i ever wear jeans)...

They are like $30 so I think I am going to look for them on ebay.
Plane jumpsuits-
I already have 2 with flowers and 1 with polka dots on the shorts part (all 3 were thrifted and 1 is in my sewing pile), but a plane one would be really nice. Maybe something like this one from Urban outftters.

I am also in search of Indi tee shirts. i.e. not the kind they sell and target and everyone wears. Some with interesting yet not overly used logos, some planer ones, and also some with faces. I love shirts with faces on them.

I love this style By AA, but they soled out of the color combo I liked (nude on top, gray on bottom) and they are rather expensive for plane Tee shirts. However I do like illusion necklines (you cant see in this picture because the colors are wrong) So I might just try my hand at making one of my own.

This is a print from treadless, but of course they sold out of my size before I decided weather I wanted it or not (that has happened to me so many times due to my confounded indecisiveness).

Without such the tight budget, i would also be on the search of some skinny jeans by cheap monday (maybe high waisted also) and amazing shoues. yes, my obsession grows.


Urban Outfitters

this has nothing to do with the above

I love the combo here. piles of generic looking shirts can actually look somewhat unique.

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