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April 10

All i did today was languish away at school. It is killing me, however, i escaped Tuesday and went on a day trip with my family. Got to go to a amazing vintage store where I got an insanely bight floral top for $8 and then proceeded to American apparel where i found the the last reaming size small T that I hoped to find an it was in the color that the were out of online, so i was quite joyful. it was rather expensive so i don't think I will buy any clothes for a month or so.
The bright top I wore yesterday but the picture I took of it was on my film camera so you will have to wait. However, today I succeeded in getting 2 decent pictures.
YEsterday i decided to start wearing orange lipstick, the bran i got doesn't last as long as covergirl, what i have been wearing, but it fades evenly as opposed to splotchy, so that is good.

Being bored in the walmart parking lot waiting for my brother to get some popsicles.
Shirt- AA
shorts and shoes- UO
belt worn as necklace- grandma
tights- my mom
sweater- thrifted
Bag- a wonderful find at the thrift store on Monday

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Roze said...

Hi there, I just have to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog. Your photo's are really good as well. oh, and the orange lipstick is fabulous!


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