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DIY Inspiration

There are so many things I want to make: I have a book where I write it all down and hundreds picture files on my computer, and yet my final output of things that I make is so small. Maybe it is because I spend all my time lately on the computer. Anyways, here are some concepts I have been turning over in my mind. Aren't they delicious?

Plastic skirt/ overlay (using that plastic you get clothes back form the dry cleaners in?)

Hampus Bernhoff

Cage dresses/skirts. These would be quite fun to make out of ribbon or maybe a more interesting material, like really think plastic (like I could actually find some)
Comme des garcons

this one is a rather frilly, and sorry about the fact that the girl isn't totally dressed.

Acne grid skirt

rework Tee shirts
I have come up with a never ending list of ways to re-work tee shirts, here are a few I hope to do soon so that i can wear them this summer.
-fringe the edges
-bead the neckline
-shred (as done to this sweatshirt form Urban Outfitters)

-Doodle or dip dye, here is a shirt i doodle on. i have had it for a while and it getting rather ratty so i think i need to do some more doodling.

drape, such as this Tee from John Galliano's summer '05 collection (yes i know that was a while ago, but i like it so who cares if it is an old fad)

make into dresses- usually i do this my just sewing 2 gathered scarves to the bottom of a cut off tee, but this girl used 16 XX: tees and braided (?) them into i dress. i found this on fliker but i couldn't find it again to site it, sorry.

Zippers- they are amazing. i have thinking of making a colar out of them, similar to the one By Outsapop

Or maybe I should make it into a headband type thing instead.
speaking of headbands....

I love the headband. rosett+ vintage belt. I actually made a headband out of one of my dads old ties that turned out quite nice. Head decorations are really quite wonderful, especially the smaller ones!
I also really love the necklace. i have been thinking of making some like it using the shrinky dinky stuff you get at the kids section in craft stores. what fun!


Audrey-Lynne said...

That's funny that you should mention zippers...I've laid aside one to make into a bracelet. Wow. that t-shirt dress is impressive.

OutsaPop said...

Thank you for featuring my work! Cool looking blog you write :)


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