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The ugliest dress ever

Ok, so when i was thrifting saturday, I of course got bored before my mom was ready to go (the main drawback of having my mom with me sometimes) so I decided to look over the way scary old lady shirts, and i saw the embellished sleeve of this T and just had to pull it out and try and imagine what person would have ever worn such a horrid thing. It was an ugly brown color with a bad acid was and big silver grommets and gold studs and huge rhinestones .....and then a thought popped into my head... that would be nice over leggings and with gladiator sandals i got it for a total of $1.94. I had to wash it because it smelled of smoke, but it was fun wearing it today.
Tunic- thrifted
leggings and shoes- target
bag- vintage
bracelets- mostly given to me by friends

And i am going to apologize ahead of time because the next 6 weeks are really stressful for me (school and other stuff going on) so the posts will be sparse and lame.

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