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Today I am sick (yay excuse to forget that school exists), so after reading a good girly book and taking a nap I decided to get all caught up on the online fashion scene, seeing as this weekend I haven't had time to sit at the computer. Well.. Fashion 156 magazine's latest issue was on prints!! Yay my favorite! The array of pictures wasn't totally satisfying , they didn't really mix patterns that much and I didn't find them very inspiring, however they are still really nice.
Anyway, I found it amusing because the past weekend I have been really pattern happy.

Sunday evening outfit
top- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- keds
necklace and earrings- given to be by a friend
purse- vintage

Sunday morning ensemble-
skirt thrifted
top and scarf- the result of a thrifting expedition with my mom saturday
pumps- thrifted
belt- my grandmother
bag- vintage
earrings- given to me by a friend at church

I forgot to take pictures of my ensemble saturday. I was gone almost all day and by the time i go home i was dead tired. There was a huge art festival so I wore a crazy bright outfit and some of the exhibiting artist told me i looked like work of art my made me soo happy! Of course, the time I got to spend with friends, and talking with the artists and the after party was also very wonderful. It was very uplifting and now I cant wait till summer when I will sculpt and draw all day long!

Friday's outfit

The same skirt worn a more casual way with a thrifted T, keds, my moms belt, and a thrifted bag.
Isn't my kitty beautiful!


Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What fun to see the same skirt used for such different looks! And yes, that is a very handsome kitty boy--really sets off your outfit!

Anonymous said...

somehow came upon your blog and oh my!! i adore your style and all that gorgeous clothes and you look like a model=) dont you just love the feeling of everybody turning heads as you walk by?


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