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Went to the vintage store yesterday and found the most wonderful purse. I was actually there to fins a slip (which I did but it needs repair) and I found this and the cutest B&W polk-a-dot dress. I think I shall wear it to a approaching rehearsal dinner along with a vintage green bolero I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago..

I got sick of looking for prom dress so I decided to sew together some vintage rags and be truly different form everyone else (a feat that that I once believed to be possible but now doubt can be achieved.... more thoughts on that later though). It is a rather time consuming project and I have set the sewing machine up on my bed because I enjoy to work in my room. As a result there is quite a mess but i hope to finish it by saturday.
IN this picture you can see the silk and black lace back and the rest of the dress in green velvet.

what I wore a couple days ago. I forgo to take a picture yesterday or today (wore the same outfit, I am so lazy!!) but i will try and remember saturday, seeing as tomorrow I plan on spending the day in my pjs.
dress- H&M
sweater- grandma knit for my dad
scarf- my moms

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