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Sewing and school...

School was long today, however i am glad to say that i am blessed to be with such wonderful people.
Here is what I wore today. I took the picture right before I left so my hair was still wet.
Skirt- vintage
blouse- Anthropologie
Shoes and belt- my moms

I forgot to bring my sketch book to school today (GASP!) so instead I doodled all over the lecture outline. I never doodle in my sketch book, somehow I feel as if i have to keep a very high standard in it, so it was nice to just let the pen go where it wanted to and not have to worry about form and light source. It is Titled "Fallen Star Caught in a Falling Coif".
You can also seee my newly acquired camera (It was my moms). I get the first roll I have taken with it back this weekend, so we shall see how amazing it is then. (No matter how bad they are, they cant beat the bad quality of my digital.)

Here is the fabric of the large ugly dress I altered....a further explanation of that later....

For now I must continue writing a descriptive essay for school now. It is a long rambling speculation on why male artists most often have beards....
we shall see how it turns out!

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Roze said...

Thanks so much for your compliments on my blog! I use a Sony cyber-shot DSC-W70. It is pretty good, considering it is a tiny little digital camera, but I am mostly always happy with it. I always love your self portraits, they just seem to have a lot of atmosphere. And I have to agree about skirts, i love them to. I also have a growing skirt collection, you can never have too many!


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