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April 30

Street style is something that I greatly enjoy looking at. It is those people one the street, the multitudes of 'individuals' who inspire me. Weather it is actually impossible to be individual or not, I do not know. I have been thinking about it for a while and have concluded that it all depends on how you define "individual" and what setting you are in. If by "individual" you mean that your complete look is different from everyone else in the whole entire world, we are all striving for something that is as unattainable as sinlessness without a savior. However, if by "individual" you mean your wardrobe is made up of different pieces, weather one of a kind handmade clothes or an odd mix of old and new or something like that, and that the way you assemble them resembles your personality and pleases you aesthetically, then yes it is possible to be an individual. However, if you are in a setting like NY or Paris where everyone spends allot of time developing there wardrobe and assembling there outfits, you will never stick out, which is what I get the feeling mots people really mean by "individuality". But if you live is a small town (like I do) not only will you stick out as different, but you will get a lot of odd looks, even though you are dressing the same way as people in larger cities do. In the end, we must remember that the way we look is not all that defines our individuality, but so much more ... like the way we talk, carry ourselves, relate to people, and our beliefs. Ultimately, this is what we should want to be judges by, not just the way we look. We also need to remember that, even if the goal of "individuality" seems hopeless, God has made us all different, yet in his image.
Ok, so, all that to say that the style of this particular girl stunned me in the first picture I saw of her. Then , a second picture came up on Facehunter, causing great joy.

From February

From the past week
I love the layers of sweaters, but sadly (and also happily) it has been becoming quite warm over here. here are some pictures form over the past week.

shirt- thrifted. At the end of the day my mom looked at my shirt and said "where in the world did you get that doesn't look like you at all." it made me laugh.
shorts - UO
shoes- UO
scarf- my grandmother
bag vintage
sweater- AE

T shirt- AA
sweater- old navy
scarf- vintage
jewelry- given to me by various people
jeans- Gap

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