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The past week...

I have been thinking lately about how much my personal taste in clothes has changed lately...... you would be amazed the conversion of the once boho/punk/grunge emo kid of year ago.
So anyway, I have been trying to document what i have been wearing lately. Some times I wear the same outfit for a couple days in a row because I am to lazy to create something else, but sometimes I create a new outfit (after emptying my closet and displacing the contents on my small floor). So here are the results of my attempt at style documentation (continued).

T-shirt- Goodwill
scarf- my mom
sweater- thrifted and then altered
shorts- UO
earrings and bracelets- random places such as moms jewelry box and such
tights- walmart
I must thank my father for taking these photos

blouse- UO
shorts- these were capris given to me by my cousin, however i dint like the wash or length, hence, dark shorts.

T- Shirt- silk thrifted
shorts- UO
sweater- thrifted and reworked- there is a lace doily suspended in the back
scarf- thrifted
shoes- UO

A detail of the above outfit. the buttons are vintage and the sweater was riddled with moth holes so i fixed it with happily colored thread.
bracelet- Goodwill


Anonymous said...

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alwcurlz said...

Little girl in a womans body. I see such confidence in your attitude/appearance.

alwcurlz said...


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