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I love floras. i always have and always will. They are feminine and colorful. one can wear them all year round and next winter on can wear them according to trend all year round, but i am big on following trends.... just doing whatever suits me.
Anaway, fllorals are upliftinga nd exactling what is needed when it is dark and i have the ACT test looming ahead of me.

dress- (it is auctly has a split skirt but it looks more like a dress than a jump suit)- thrited
scarf- H&M
sweater- my dads
ring- my moms

shirt- marshals
scarf- H&M
sweater- Old Navy
shorts- cut off mens pants from the thrift store
tights- walmart
shoes- UO

I went thrifting today with a friend. I have herd that when thrifting one should be alone because a friend is competition, however I had way more fun then when i thrift alone, and we have different styles anyways so there were no cat fights over rags in the aisles. I found some amazing grandma dresses that i need to hem, a jumpsuit with roses, a skirt, 2 scarves, and something else, I forget..maybe that is it. Anyway, it was the most fruitful thrifting day I have had in months.
We then preceded to the vintage store, where I found a dress that might possibly be my prom dress, but I am not sure.. it is quite pouffy and gorgeous (yes i know that seems like an oxymoron) but i feel it is far to nice for an even that i don't really care about or look forward to, so we shall see.
I apologize for the somewhat shallow posts of late. I am scrounging around in my head for a topic that will be more beneficial to people then what i have worn that day. i would love suggestions.... maybe something art related??


Anonymous said...

See here or here

alwcurlz said...

You need a better quality camera! These great poses are losing detail!


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