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Things have been hectic of late. However, my main issue is that I cant seem to focus on any 1 thing or finish anything thing, and my room is quite a mess which really puts my mind into a state of disorder also. I am working on cleaning both.
Untill then, here are some things I have been wearing lately. the weather has been going from cold to warm which is really quite nice.
Lately a feeling of rebellion against the world and society has been rising up within me. It hasn't had much affect yet except upon my thoughts, but I have be come quite sick of the box that every high-schooler in this small city of mine 'must' conform to. I quite feel like doing totally socially unacceptable things and finally becoming one of those crazy artist in full. What fun!

easter sunday -
after church my little brothers had an egg hunt. i got chilly in the breeze, hence, the leg-warmers.
Dress- my grandmothers closet, mad by her also
sweater- made by my grandmother for my father when he was a boy
belt- my grandmother's closet
leg-warmers- my aunt Mary
shoes- UO

Monday evening i went to go see U2 3D, it was very enjoyable.
shirt- Hans mens undershirt from wal-mart
scarf- thrifted
ring- self made out of a vintage button
vest- UO

you cant see the shorts and shoes and tights in this picture, but the shorts are just the gray pinstriped cuffed ones from UO and the shoes are gray sandals form UO

this is what i wore today, sorry for the darkness, but i forgot to take the picture till late at night.
scarf- thrifted
shirt- some random department store?
shorts (mentioned above) UO
shoes that you cant see- silver lace up flats form UO

i am becoming one of those shoe obsessed people, it is not good. do you have any idea how expensive those things are?
see these beauties? not only would they make me like 7 feet tall and trip all over myself, but they are also like $100 dollars. Why, i ask, do we women have to become so obsessed over such impractical things?

1 comment:

Audrey-Lynne said...

i LOVE your easter sunday outfit! so cute!
so, you liked U2 3D? Pretty amazing, huh?


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