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Here are some outfits. I have been failing to take a picture of my outfits lately, I apologize. i just don't remember till it is 11:00. and it makes me feel like such a narcissist. Anyways, my room is such a mess that i think it reflects in my outfits, they are sloppy looking.

sweater- my dads
shorts- UO
tights (you cant see it in the picture but they are gold flecked)- banana republic
shoes- local resale shop
i am at the place i work, the skull is what i have been studying and it is coming along well.
Jacket- Anthropoligie (on sale)
coke shirt- good will
Shorts- UO

the lighting isn't very good in this picture, i forgot to take it till it was late.
skirt- clothing exchange with some friends- the color and the length of the skirt were bad, so i hemmed it and dyed it black
shirt- UO
cardigan- old navy
scarf- self made, knitted out of lots of bits of yarn and scraps
bracelet- a boutique sale
leggings- target
shoes- local resale shoe shop


Audrey-Lynne said...

LOVE the second picture...keep it up!

Tide said...


Fenrisar said...

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