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This is my room in a sate of chaos (sadly that is the only state it has known for a while).
Today was crazy. Tomorrow will be crazy. I have a lot to do before the sun rises.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Oh and next week I shall be out of town at a conference so that shall be fun... I am very much looking forward to seeing many dear people.
And guess what!! In July I shall begin working at my favorite coffee house. You shall all have to come visit me.


T. S. Engel said...

I am so excited for you! Business is grand. Check out my latest post - Francesca Woodman should be another of our artists..she is so divine.

Miss you!

fgray01 said...

Oh cool! Which coffee house? Chatty has so many great ones.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm super psyched for you about the job. *high5*


fgray01 said...

Ooh I love Greyfriars! My sister still lives in Chattanooga, and that's her favorite too. I hope it works out!


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