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As you can see, on Saturday David and I had quite a blast driving around down town with a trunk full of our favorite clothes, changing is the squashed passenger seat, and shooting all these exciting pictures. Look at his blog also!

The people in green life were looking at us in a very funny way. The dress and scarf are vintage, shoes from UO and sunnies from F21.

Flanele shirt worn as skirt, floral blouse, belt, and shoes are all thrifted. Shoes i studded myself and crown was made for me by my grandfather when I was a little kid. 

Yay colors! The sweater I am wearing i borrowed from Daivd, skirt is a shirt that is borrowed from my brother and shoes are my moms. 

As you can see above, David is quite the rebbel art student. Below Wearing a vintage dress and turban and thrifted penny loafers. 


Audrey said...

these are amazing. really digging the vintage dress & turban.

leila wylie said...

These are totally brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to steal David's saddle shoes.

Cameron said...

great show

Blonde Chicks said...

I like the black dress and scarf combo the best.


Badgers Earth said...

Awesome colors.

Em said...

I love this!


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