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Top picture is taken by my dad on easter. The rest are some I took of a graveyard in Franklin. Now I have to go work at the studio, and prepare for my finals - but there are only two of them, one tomorrow and one wednesday, and then I shall be able to spend my time creating and having picnics on the beautiful green grass.


Audrey said...

picnics are particularly wonderful. there's a blanket in my car should an impromptu occasion arise. :)
our marie antoinette breakfast is one my favorite picnics....except for that horrid smell. after you left, it wafted up to our house. *gag*
love you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until finals are over, this Summer is going to be wonderful.


David Casavant said...

OOO you look so cool! I luv it! I left u a message on facebook go read it!

Cruz said...

I love this photography, beautiful!


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