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Youth Subculture - Punk

Punk was born in 1976. Unlike many other subcultures that evolved into what we know them as today (goth, grunge, prep etc), punk cam into being suddenly and the looks have not changed much, even though the motivation of punks has changed. Vivienne Westwood and impresario Malcolm McLaren had both dabbled in marketing subculture styles such as teddy boys, but had not assembled look of there own until this time. It was inspired by the wild dressers in the west side of London, and included the most wild items of dress from every previous subculture (black leather + vintage form the teddy boys, skinny pants + blazers from the 60's mod, boots + suspenders form skinheads, shinny plastic + crazy makeup/hair form 70's glam rock, trash) + some. The look was pauperized by the sex pistols, a band that had been assembled by McLaren for the very purpose of marketing. On one hand the look was very disheveled and poor looking, but the juxtaposition of ripped tights and a studded leather jacket was ironic avoided looking poor. Westwood described her design as "confrontation dressing'. The style was on one hand anti fashion and those whol wore it were called rebels, but Westwood desinged the look to be a fashion that was anti-fashion.
Instead of buying into Westwood's expensive designs, many kids got the basics for there punk look from the thrift store.
The look spread form london (where it was carried to an extreme) to america, where it took on a sloper form. It is generally associated with a musical subculture.
It is quite alive today as it ever was.
It is the uniform that those in search for individualism often dawn. Multiple bands sport it. Stores are dedicated to it. Even haute couture designers take great inspiration form it. It is no longer just for rebellious teens, but high fashion. Long live punk.

From style scout

The top images are from google, the bottom images are from foto decadent.
The history was taken form "Thrift Score" by al Hoff.
I really wish I was a bit more punk sometimes. I am going to order a bunch of studs to frost myself with soon.
What are your views?


Anonymous said...

Given the severe look of punk style, I know that I would look like a total goof if I attempted to dress like that. I'm a vintage prep sort of gal.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to this post for awhile.
I've always been partial to a Vintage-Punk sort of look...& the whole thrift store thing, of course.

What's funny is the amount of 40-something Moms trying to sport this look (not so much here as out West); they're the kids they never had!

Lovely post, my dear. See you soonish.

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

Marie, I read a fab book earlier this year (got it in a library sale... although I am sort of banned from borrowing books from the library due to a small matter of unpaid fines ;-)) which you might enjoy- it is called "The way we wore" by robert elms and is basically a fab history of London Street Fashion from rude boys to punk to mod to skinhead written by a guy who fell in love with clothes at age 5. Very cool book

love your blog!


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