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Spending Money and Such

Some of you asked about how I shop, what I look for, and such, so I shall tell you. I started thrifting when I was really young with my mom. I always had a specific item in mind, but of course you never find what you are looking for. I began to keep a list of thing that I would like to thrift, and it is always growing. The thrift store I normaly go to is huge - the size of a super walmart - so i usually check out the dresses and then button downs (boys and mens) and then I skim women shirts and skirts and pants and such, and of course shoes and scarfs. I shop by pattern and fabric, and if I have time I will go through each item so I can see the cut and all. Right now I am keeping my eye out for some brown vintage combat style boots, nice and worn in, big warm scarves, colorful plaid boys button downs, and one of those crazy patterned windbreakers form the 80's. I have learned that it is very important how you view the clothes you find. A XXL vintage tee can be an ugly piece of junk or, in the right light, a great dress to go along with that holy grandpa sweater.
In Chattanooga the stores are generic and overprices, so when I am out of town I go to the local UO or AA. At UO I usually just buy a few sale things, I am rather cheap, and I don't buy from AA unless I have really though about it. So, that about sums up my shopping habits. I don't "go shopping", just randomly decide to stop by the thrift or vintage store. Of late I am trying to save though, so we shall see how that goes.
There is a really great book on thifting called "Thift score" by Al Hoff that I would recommend. Also, never buy anything because of the cheap price on it or the label, but because it is something that you will be able to use and enjoy often.
I will take some pictures of my chair when the sun comes out, and the same with my closet.
Oh another thing. Of late I have been having an especially hard time figuring out what to wear, which is really stupid if you think about it because there is so much more to life then getting dresses, and I have loads of clothes that I love (hence not thifting so much anymore). I have concluded that when I travel and live out of a suitcase I have a slightly easier time, so now at the beginning of every week I will put pieces that I like especially that week in a vintage trunk and will limit myself to that. Very sad, I know. Illustrating my need of a life again. Oh well.

I also changed my header, but it is HUGE!! No clue how that happened. I wish I could get every picture that big. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I cannot picture you having trouble picking out what to wear. I figured that sort of thing would be like breathing for you. Very cool post and I like the new header, it's pretty.


Krista said...

I think your idea of limiting your choices for that week is a great solution to a problem, and a clever idea.

Anonymous said...

header is dope!


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