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Last week I made a very exciting necklace by crocheting wire and then covering it with vintage earrings and pins.
Yesterday I received 100 silver pyramid studs in the mail. DIY huraa! All day I proceed to cover a pair of shoes, an old T, the neck of a vintage dress, a belts... you get the idea.... with studs.
My comp class is crazy...... have any of you ever been stuck in a classroom with a bunch of crazy kids who can't get there mind out of the gutter?
Something very nice though is that tomorrow I am glong to go visit a dear friend of mine in VA. We are going to paint and listen
beautiful music and take pictures... lost of them. While I am away I will post some sketches from my book the my last roll of film.

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Anonymous said...

The necklace sounds fantastick! You'll have to wear it some day next week and show me. Have a wonderful time on your trip. *hugs*



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