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This is Clare, a dear friends of mine, devouring huger pretzels. They were very delicious.

This is the ally behind the studio. The weather has been very beautiful of late.

Today I went to school to work on a project for electronic music class.... I have begun to accept that I am going to fail. My creative abilities are limited to clay and ink. I feel like quite a failure. Oh well.
After that I went to publix. I could spend all my money there.
That is the end of my adventures today.


Niviarsiaq said...

I used to go roller skating with some of my siblings and we would get those giant pretzels! They were always so perfectly warm, salty, and yummy! Now I want some!

Anonymous said...

i always come to your site whenever i need my spirits lifted, and lately i have been coming here everyday hoping there is a new post.

and there has been!
you always brighten my day.
you're like an angel.
i love your pictures and posts

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Me with pretzels! This is step one in becoming an internet celeb. ^^ jk. Thank you for taking that picture of me, I love it.


Tyler said...

my best friend actually lives in tennesee. i usually visit once in the summertime. it's is a great place. what city are you in?

i think is the easiest place to watch online. lol, thats okay. i was kidding. but he is my favorite character, so that probably makes me weird too. ha.

i drinks lots of water too. but rockstars are so good. its like a liquid drug. i'm addicted.


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