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Today was cold and rainy. This is what I wore last week when it was cold and rainy.
Despite the dark weather, the day was very nice though because I went to my friends Matt's house with some friends who I don't get to see enough and we watched cowboy bebop (which I didn't understand) and ate loads of junk food and cute dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and play on a cold slippery playground. So all in all a nice day. Now I have to get some rest tomorrow and then get to work on a few things due for school next week.


Anonymous said...

Neat picture. Hope you have a fun week. ^^


Audrey said...

Love the picture, my dear.
I have been having most unimaginative wardrobe days, as well. Must be a disease.
Hey - I am really enjoying the shorter Showbread album.

Anonymous said...

nice picture.
is that just what the camera does?
cause its really cool.


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