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David Casavant

David, a very stylish friend of mine, has finally broken the ice of the online fashion world and begun his own blog, David Casavant. I haven't really gone into the whole blog interview thing until now, so I hope you enjoy reading about David!

What do you do on days when you dont know what to wear?
Um, well I am really bad at getting dressed when it's like before 10 o'clock in the morning because I'm tired so I usually try to decide what to wear the night before because I'm a night person. I usually just start with one thing I know I want to wear and work around it. I also check the weather! That's the biggest factor in what I wear! I hate rain!

What inspires you
Um, like everything! The other day we were forced to watch this boring play at school and all I could think about the entire play was how the fabric used for the backdrop looked like it was from the Prada spring 2009 collection. It was like gold and crinkly looking. And then one of the costumes was like a hooded cape thing and then I kept thinking about how I wanted a hooded cape thing like that. So basically everything inspires me- celebrities, magazines, old people because their clothes are always out of date so it's interesting to see what used to be worn, runway, I really like the 20's and 60's mod, oh and like military uniforms in like WW2 and before!

What is your view on trends? trends you like or don't like?
I like trends for the most part. It's fun to incorporate a new trends into you're style and wardrobe. Without new trends, we'd be dressing the same we did like five years ago, which would be boring. I'm kinda sick of the whole gladiator shoe thing. I mean, I'm not totally against it but I just recently looked at all the women's shoes on the Saks website and I felt like more than half of them were gladiator inspired! I think that Doc Martins are starting to become trendier which I think is fun- they're like making them in all sorts of fun colors!

What do you think about individuality?
I think the only way one can stand out and be interesting is to be an individual and to do what you enjoy. Although I hate when people like decide to not listen to music that was cool five minutes because they want to be "an individual." It's annoying when people don't like things because it's "too mainstream!" It is possible to enjoy popular things and still be individual.

How about ice cream?
I'm sick of ice cream! I go through phases with foods I like and don't like, and I currently don't like ice cream. I used to eat it like everyday after school.

Tell us your dreams for the future
Well I'm probably going to move to NY or like London next year for college, but I know I want to do something in fashion. I don't really specify what I want to do in fashion because I think I'd be good at all of it- it would be fun to be like a designer or stylist, I'd really like to have my own business or something like that.


Anonymous said...

Neat, now I have another blog to read. ^^


mariya said...

spicket i luv it
how do jew know david?
he was a creeper to me like 2 hours ago so this is revenge
lol well sort of :)
hes my bff

mariya said...

oh i forgot i love your outfits

Anonymous said...

Serously ? I know he is your friend but he needs to come down to earth when he says that he thinks he is good in everything when it comes to fashion... well he's not (obviously) and please tell him to stop repeating so many times the word "like" it gives the reader a sense of childness.. but taking this things out he has a good style

Oliver Cornish said...

And now David has articles about him in GQ and I.D. with his clothes being worn by Kanye West. He's done pretty well for himself


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