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Today was a sad day at the beginning but then it became very nice. I dropped my phone in water and locked myself out of the car, but then I found my spare key and my phone healed from a near drowning!
So you see, it was not that bad after all. School will be over soon, but it isn't that bad because I have made some very nice friends this semester and I will be sad not to see them anymore.
Anyways, finally got my film back from Wal Mart - late but dirt cheap, so no complaints. I will scan them soon. Here is a picture my dad took a while ago. Mostly stuff from the costume sale.
Life drawing was this evening - I am not very good at drawing men. I feel like a failure.
Ok, going to try and head off to sleep soon. Tired.


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your coat and scarf in this picture, so pretty.


Audrey said...

wow, abigail - words fail. that is so beautiful.

leila wylie said...

Your style is on another level, seriously.


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