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Sometimes I really miss dancing. I don't miss most of the people, or the teacher, but every time I see people dance I wish that I still danced, despite how much it hurt my feet and the mean people and sore muscles and crazy makeup and nerves before a performance. Maybe this summer I will do some modern dancing somewhere. That would be very nice- to feel my bare feet sweep across the floor and to jump into the sky and attempt to be somewhat graceful again.


Audrey said...

sure thing! i'm not sure which of those two dates it will be, but it shall be one of those. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, seeing you with long hair, even if it's pulled up, seems odd to me now. For dance and such, look up Ann Law. She's a well known dancer who lives in town, she's also a friend of my family and I think teaches at Chatt State.



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