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Finally figured out way to wear this turban. I found it at a costume sale and very much fell in love with it but haven't had the guts to wear it till the past week. I am going to wear it again tomorrow.... exciting! There is going to be a big art festival and then I shall hanging out with some dear friends and then maybe I will go to a show. And loose more of my hearing.
You can see adorable jacob in the background.
I cant stop listening to Belle and Sebastian. If I ever have a son I am going to name him Sebastian.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors of your outfit, their so rich. I can totally picture you when you're all grown up, carrying around a little blond boy named Sebastian. ^_^


Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

Marie, LOVE your turban-very pretty. I am DYING to photograph someone in London wearing one but haven't come across anyone yet. I fear, coming into Summer, that I might need to wait until Winter before I find someone. I got one (black) at a vintage shop that was closing down in London back in 2007- I whacked a big vintage brooch on the side of it and had visions of me wafting about a fabulous cocktail party wearing it. Sadly it hasn't yet emerged from my drawer!

Minaa j said...

I really love the turban!

aslewofslurs said...

I really love that turban. I had the impression that you made it. Now I'm really curious on how it really looks because you found it in a costume sale.

I have loved wearing hats similar to turbans since my boyfriend made a sculpture of me waring a turban. ahaha.

aslewofslurs said...

oh it's kat by the way. I saw this outfit in lookbook. :)


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