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Sorry for the lack of posting. There is so much to get done this, and the next, few weeks. A research paper on comparing Rilke's "Der Tod" and Bowie's "Life on Mars" is in progress - we shall see how that turns out. Also working on a history paper, not very interesting.
Rilke is quite amazing. I have been reading up on his life for the past month or so and he was so fascinating. He emphasized the importance of seeing the world, and as a result his poems are visual masterpieces. Paintings made of words.
I have met a very wonderful person, Taylor. I really have never had someone who I relate so well to and whose company I enjoy so much who lives close enough to hang out with, so that is quite wonderful. Tuesday we had coffee, went to life drawing, and then ate dinner, and today we shall have a picnic.


T. S. Engel said...

:) The feeling is oh so mutual!

See you this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, soon the semester will be over, then you can blog as much as you like.


Audrey said...


colorfulkaleidoscope said...

hello. this is quite random, but i ran into your profile on lookbook and saw that you were from chattanooga. i am at school at covenant college. maybe i will run into you one day in chattanooga! love your style.



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