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A weekend full of adventures

This weekend has been interesting. Yesterday I got to work from life for 6 hours (which was awesome, but sadly the results of my labor was not so amazing). Then I headed downtown and went to an independent film with some dear friends of mine. Until yesterday I had never walked out of a movie. Let me just say that 'My Winnipeg' is not enjoyable. Just pretend that you are somewhat perverted surrealist artist who likes symbolism (doesn't sound bad yet, but listen to this) who is very sick and delirious and so is having one of those horrible sick dreams in black and white with monotone voice repeating itself over and over again. The movie put me to sleep, as well as made me feel sick, all at once. Not something I pay for. In fact, there are people who receive large amounts of money to cure those who are sick and delirious (called doctors).
After that we went galavanting about the city and watched the beautiful sky change colors as the sun set... and it was cold! We met people who my friend knew and they dropped a pumpkin off a bridge and it exploded! Then I went home because it was cold and dark.
Anyways, sorry for the lack if imagery. My camera is still in its grave. However I am going to get some rolls of film developed this week. Until then, here are some stale morsels that you might enjoy. And thank you for your sweet comments!

I wore this a while ago. The dress was an old night gown that I changed the bottom on. My dad told me it looked like a curtain dress that the designer had left unfinished. Oh well, I like it. Boots are UO.
I just love this image form Lookbook. I could spend ages in that wonderland!

Now off to watch 'A roman Holiday'.

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